I have a toilet paper holder attached come a tile wall surface with a single finger parentheses (per the manufacturer). The holder constantly slips the finger bracket, walk loose, and leans to the side. The finger bracket is quite secure to the wall surface and does no budge.

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How can I certain it?

I"d fairly not have to unscrew the bracket native the wall surface to repair this.

I would like to avoid having actually to mount it "permanently" via epoxy.


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This looks favor a bad piece the engineering architecture to use a slip finger parentheses to mountain a cantilever file holder. This type of parentheses would work-related pretty great for a bath towel bar that was mounted on both end or maybe for a soap dish the was placed right ~ above center.

I deserve to suggest two feasible courses of activity that would solve the problem as long as the finger bracket on the wall was really nice and also secure.

You could mix increase some good quality epoxy (the sort that take away 24hours to set up) and also force it into the finger slot on the bracketand top top the finger of the wall bracket. Climate install the roll hangerand let the epoxy collection up. Keep in mind that this is a pretty irreversible fixand future remove would call for cutting the hanger off with a dremeltool or part such.

Alternatively you can clean up the wall and hanger assembly toremove any kind of oil and also soap film and then re-install the hanger. Rubbingalcohol deserve to work great for this. Then run a little bead that clearsilicon sealer all around the perimeter the the bracket. Thissealer will take the twisting fill off the fingers and transfer that tothe tile which must stop your problem. For removal the siliconsealer deserve to be reduced away with a razor blade.

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If it is the finger bracket on the wall surface that comes loosened then you"ll need to investigate exactly how it is currently mounted. If the two screws there are already go directly into a stud or wooden cross member then some longer screws might be in order. If the screws just enter some cheap plastic hollow wall anchors then you may want to investigate some much more secure types of steel anchors such as toggle bolts or molly screws.