New leopard gecko owners might be confusedif your female leopard gecko is pregnant or just acquiring weight.

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It’s not simple to tell uneven you haveexperience through pregnant leopard geckos, yet this overview for knowing if your leopard gecko is pregnantwill offer you a great head start.

Femaleleopard geckos may acquire pregnant when they reach sex-related maturity at 18-24 monthsof age. After mating, indicators of pregnancy incorporate a swollen and also firm abdomen,lack the appetite, slow-moving movement, visible eggs under their skin, and generallystressed and “cranky” behaviors.

Look front for much more details to the signsand answers to generally asked concerns related to the topic.


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5 SignsTo phone call If her Leopard Gecko Is Pregnant

5 SignsTo phone call If your Leopard Gecko Is Pregnant

This section common the five main signsfor telling if her leopard gecko is pregnant.

One of these indications alone isn’t enough totell if she pregnant, you need to look in ~ the whole photo and the detailsin this section.

#1 swollen Abdomen

Leopard geckos don’t “gain weight” withtheir pregnancies as you’d expect.

They seem to acquire larger around theirabdomen or stomach area, but this isn’t constantly connected with rise inphysical load (though she may acquire weight before and also in the early on days ofpregnancy).

Check out just how to fatten up your leopard gecko (which youmay desire to do prior to getting pregnant).

The ede is regularly completelysymmetrical together the leopard gecko lays clutches in groups of two.

The overall swelling makes it tough to tellif it’s egg or just acquiring weight.

Gently press the stomach of your leopard gecko to feel for the eggs themselves.

They’ll feel like a firm, muscular wall, or lumps under their bellies.

Warning!This probing should be extremely gentle, or friend mayinjure the egg or female.

Also, females won’t prefer being manage ifthey room pregnant (more ~ above this below), so friend may have actually a tough time v thephysical checking.

#2 absence Of Appetite

Soon ~ the beforehand days that pregnancy,the leopard gecko will certainly cease eating as lot or at all by the finish of thepregnancy.

This is understandable.

As the eggs grow, the space in their abdomen for your stomachs and also digestive mechanism is minimal in space.

We still recommend feeding the gecko asusual (2 insects for every customs they space long, every other day), however take yourcues indigenous the gecko and don’t be alarmed if she refuses to eat as much as weusually recommend.

Along through the lack of appetite, girlfriend maynotice a thinning that the tail and ago towards the end of the pregnancy.

This goes in addition to a lack of appetite.

Leopard gecko tails store nutrients and also fats for once food is scarce and also is among the an initial parts that the gecko to lose weight once it’s no eating.

The finish weight after ~ laying eggs is oftenless than her starting weight before getting pregnant.

Don’t worry! She eats well and also gains theweight ago quickly.

#3 slow Movements

As with countless pregnant pets andreptiles, the leopard gecko becomes mostly unmoving during her time.

Some owners explain the motions as “weak”and tired.

This is a mix of all the pregnant factors, consisting of the impact of growing eggs in she body and also not eating much.

She’ll spend lot of she time in the hidebox, and when she walk come out, it’ll be slowly and for quick periods.

This is also due in part to protectiveinstinct.

Hiding is the leopard gecko’s number oneway of staying safe native predators.

Moving slowly and also not straying far from ahiding clues is another way to prevent predators’ attention.

#4 Visible egg (Uncommon)

As the leopard geckos thin the end in parts oftheir body, you may even begin to check out the eggs underneath the underbellies’stretched skin.

There is no surer sign than this!

Many first-timers seeing this are fairly alarmed.

It looks prefer the eggs room going come burst out of her stomach.

This no the case, and it’s no cause foralarm.

Seeing the eggs through clarity is uncommonbut not unexplained by any stretch.

However, many owners will say they have the right to seethe lumps plainly defined by the end of the pregnancy.

#5 emphasize Behaviors/”Cranky”Attitude

Behavior alters are usual with mostanimals when they’re pregnant, which is likewise evident v leopard geckos.

Leopard geckos are already pretty skittish critters and like to hide and also run.

Even so, v good taming practices, leopard geckos find out to enjoy being handled in little amounts.

This every goes the end the home window when they’repregnant.

Their fearful habits are amplifiedduring this time.

Instinctively, they’re on alert to protecttheir potential offspring.

Leopard geckos are more likely to run away, hide, drop your tails, nip at you, and chirp angrily.

And if you’ve never experienced a dropped tail here’s our guide to regrown tails on leopard geckos.

If that seems choose your normally-mild geckohas undertaken a personality shift, she might be pregnant.

Many owner use the word “cranky” todescribe their personality throughout this time.

This is an ext the share for every pregnantcreatures, for this reason it only logically adheres to for the leopard gecko to have the sametendency.

QuickTips To assist Your Pregnant Female

Once you’re encouraged your woman leopard gecko is pregnant, there are a few things to do.

These space tips to help your female continue to be healthy, happy, and also have a good, viable pregnancy.

Insert a nesting crate or egg crate inthe tank (see following section)Remove the tank from areas of allloud sounds.Reduce the lot of handling youdo (to nothing if possible) continue feeding together usual, butmake certain vitamin supplements are existing every meal.Remove any type of other pet from thetank during the pregnancy.Move the tank to a ar wherepeople and animals aren’t moving approximately near it.Keep your activity extra patience andslow when interacting with the female.

HowLong Is A Leopard Gecko Pregnant?

Leopard geckos have actually a brief pregnancyperiod.

After the male and female leopard geckohas mated, she’ll come to be pregnant.

But it’s only after 21-28 days the femalewill lay her eggs.

In some ways, this short period is comprised for through its prolonged incubation period.

It take away 35-89 days because that the eggs to hatch.

You’ll know they’re around to hatch once beads that moisture begin to conference on external the egg, and the egg shrink in size.

Thisisn’t the whole story, though!

As with numerous reptiles, leopard geckoscan save sperm within to gain pregnant increase to 3 times native one mating.

This comes from a organic evolutionary need.

Female leopard geckos aren’t constantly in aplace in the wild wherein they can:

Gather sufficient food to survive apregnancyFind males come mate with

When these problems aren’t met, theywill host onto your sperm until conditions are much better or if they don’t discover amale in a while.

Each clutch consists of one or 2 eggs, for this reason there’s the chance for up to 6 leopard geckos from one pairing.

You’ll find our overview on just how to incubate leopard gecko eggs extremely helpful if you’re going to gain into breeding.

WhereDo Geckos Lay their Eggs?

Leopard geckos lay your eggs in soft,moist ground.

This is at ground level in the wild.

In captivity, you’ll need to produce an eggbox or nesting crate for the pregnant female come use.

Then, to fill the small container v a softmedium such together peat moss.

It helps the woman to make the boxcovered, therefore she doesn’t feel threatened while she lays.

This is one intuitive thing, therefore don’t beoffended and also believe your pet doesn’t to trust you.

Can ALeopard Gecko Lay egg Without Mating?

Yes, they can.

As with numerous reptiles and animals,unfertilized eggs need to be evacuated whether or not they’re a product ofmating or not.

For leopard geckos, this propensity isstrong through young geckos.

They produce eggs an ext readily, and also sowill acquire “pregnant” even without a male.

Older leopard geckos will carry eggswithout a mating together well, yet this is much much less common.

Once you view the indications of pregnancy (evenwithout mating), you’ll still must do what girlfriend usually do for leopardgeckos.

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Provide vitamin supplements v every meal and also put a nesting crate in the tank.

And if friend would like to learn an ext about their vitamins we have a guide to leopard gecko vitamins to help you.

Also, perform everything feasible to remove any stressors in the gecko’s environment.

When these eggs space laid, they’ll be noticeably smaller and also discolored contrasted to usual leopard gecko eggs.

This is a authorize these egg areunfertilized. They will certainly not hatch.

Dispose the them without guilt.

If you’re unsure, the OK to incubate theeggs because that a pair of days.

Unfertilized egg collapse and also gain mold quickly,so as soon as you view this, the eggs are evidenced unfertilized.


We expect you discover this overview on exactly how to tellif her leopard gecko is pregnant helpful.

Remember, come look not just for a largerstomach, yet the other indicators as well.

Put all these together and get yourleopard gecko checked out by the vet if you worried.