Male ferrets have a small penis that looks like (and is regularly referred to or even mistaken as) a “Belly Button” on their reduced abdomen.

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Ferret "Belly Button" (aka Penis)Photo Credit: Katt; Ferret: Kenai
Altered (neutered) masculine ferret. Note the absence of clearly shows testicles. Ferret: Kenai

Intact males, dubbed Hobs, will have actually visible testicles by the moment they are around 5-6 month of age.

Photo Credit: heather Downie Ferret: Tico


Spayed, or altered females are well-known as Sprites. Intact females are well-known as Jills.

Pregnant Jill:

When a Jill comes right into season, she vulva will become swollen.

If you notification your female has actually a puffy vulva she needs to be watched by a vet, regardless of whether or no she is spayed/altered!!!!

– In spayed females (Sprites), a puffy vulva is a sign of Adrenal Disease, which needs treatment.

– In undamaged females (Jills), a puffy vulva is a sign that she is in season, and also she needs to either be spayed chemically (via the Deslorelin implant, dubbed chemical castration) or given a hormone injection described as the “Jill Jab” to lug her out of season. As soon as she is out of season, she can later be scheduled for a operation spay if friend so desire. If you do not operation spay her, friend will need to repeat the Jill-Jab every time she comes right into heat, or redo the implant when it wears out. Keep in mind that the is usual for Jills to get in heat multiple time a season if the Jill-Jab is the therapy of choice.

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Without prompt care, one in-season Jill can become severely anemic, eventually leading come death.