This one damages to write. We bought a 47″ LG LED clever TV last January. It to be a pretty TV, bright picture, and it would play streaming video. Really cool. I had actually it on it’s stand in the den, and then a couple months back one of the cats tried come leap on optimal of it, uncovered the pair inches thickness too narrow to was standing on, and managed to push the TV off for one almost-four-foot autumn to the floor. The think was sporting multiple affect spiderwebbing top top the display, and is useless. It would certainly cost much more than a new (larger!) TV to solve it, so i reluctantly took it apart. It to be remarkably straightforward in regards to the variety of parts.

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Since ns was wanting to take a look in ~ the processing end of the TV first, that’s what i went for. It’s precious noting that the entire disassembly to be done with a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

There are a total of seven PWBs in the TV. Four of them to be small; two drove the LED array, and the other two, ns think, journey the condition LEDs in the bezel and also handled the IR remote. Right here are the various other three.

The PWB come the left is, ns think, a driver for the four speakers in the TV. The center is a CPU board. It as all the inputs and outputs for video and sound. There was no apparent GPU, however I’m going to look up few of the component numbers, yet I doubt that all the handling is done via custom IC. The plank to the appropriate is the strength board.

The organization end the the TV is here. The is developed of a collection of layers the are fixed to a relatively rigid metal frame.

The 3 PWBs were placed to the earlier of the frame. The frame has range of white LEDs inset (there is a closeup below), which are the backlight for the TV. The white LEDs room on the various other side the the frame also.

The first layer is usually a white item of plastic. I imagine the is essentially a mirroring surface to make sure all the white light is headed towards the viewer.

Next is a translucent dashboard that has actually grooves machined into one side. Ns looked in ~ it making use of a magnifying glass, and it looks prefer the grooves space at a 45deg angle to the vertical. This panel would certainly reflect the white irradiate from the LEDs out in the direction of the viewer.

On peak of the translucent panel space a pair that translucent panels that space not grooved. Ns speculate that these two room diffusers to soften the LED irradiate from the grooves to make it an ext even.

Finally, the critical panel is the LED array, recognized as the “glass”. This component is serious cracked.

There were other mechanical components that i didn’t salary a many attention to, as they are an extremely straightforward, such together the stand, trim pieces, the bezel, and also the like.

This is a closeup of the backlight LEDs.

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So end our pretty TV. We’ve been making execute with a 19″ panel till we purchase a brand-new one. In instance you space wondering, yes, the cat is quiet alive. Mine lesson learned right here is to mount the TV come the bookshelves in ago of it next time. Oh well.