also as a aboriginal speaker ns don"t understand the factor for this: why is the "x" in México, Texas or Xavier pronounced as the letter "j"?



In Old, words choose "caja", "bajo", and "jarabe" were originally spelled v an "x", and pronounced together "sh" (voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant).

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In 1815 the spellings were officially readjusted from one "x" come a "j" by the RAE, including words favor "Méjico" and also "Tejas". By this time, the "j" to be pronounced the exact same as "x" (previously it was pronounced choose a French "j" (voiced palato-alveolar sibilant)).

Over time, some words (like "Méjico", "Tejas", "Oajaca", and "Javier") reverted ago to the "x" spelling, however retained your "j" pronunciation. And also the letter "j" take it on the "h" pronunciation that we understand today.

Here is fantastic article top top the subject.

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X pronunciation in

The x is commonly pronounced together the English ks in between vowels, or together the English s before consonants and at the start of words. In native of foreign/indigenous origin, the is pronounced together the English h or sh.

In the two examples you provided, the origin of the words is a international or indigenous language:


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