The infant G clock by Casio has a fairly complex display. It can make it hard to figure out how to collection all of the features. Luckily, when you learn exactly how to collection a baby G clock it is pretty straightforward to remember for the following time. However, also if you have actually the hand-operated that came through the watch, that very first attempt have the right to be a little bit tricky. The most essential thing to discover is which button does what.

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Press the switch on the bottom left till you see the moment on the watch, as opposed to the data bank screen. Press the switch on the bottom right to switch between standard time and military time, picking the one you would choose to use. Then push the switch on the top left and also wait because that the secs to start flashing (the clock will additionally read "set" top top the face). Push the switch on the bottom left again, and also the seconds will instantly go come "00." press the button on the bottom appropriate to relocate forward and the button on the bottom right to relocate backward. Press the switch on the top left again to save your changes.

Repeat action 1 three times to collection the hours, date and also DST (Daylight savings Time) option. Simply press the height left button until the figure you"d favor to adjust is flashing; then proceed. Over there are only two settings for DST. Rotate it top top if you live in one area that participates in the practice, and off if girlfriend don"t. The indicator top top the optimal right the the watch"s display will display whether or no it is on. (The 3rd of the oval the is ~ above the top will it is in filled in as soon as it"s on.) once you set the date, the watch will automatically adjust for the work of the week using its internal calendar.

Input names and phone numbers right into the data bank. Press the switch on the optimal left till you watch "DB" top top the watch"s face, indicating you room in data bank mode. Then push the button on the peak right until you view a blank record. Press the button on the height left and you will see a cursor. Usage the two best side buttons to choose your letters, relocating up and also down with the alphabet. As soon as you get to the one you"d choose to use, press the bottom left button. Form in as much as eight letters, making use of the bottom left button to skip if the surname is shorter. Then use the same an approach to form in the person"s phone number. Push the peak left switch to save your record.

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Use the optimal left button to scroll v the settings so you"re familiar with everything the watch offers prior to you begin setting it.

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If friend can"t gain a blank data record, you don"t have any type of memory left on your watch. You need to remove some data that is already saved to enter brand-new data.