I’m a little bit obsessed through morphsuits. My favourite cosplays to wear are Deadpool, 1960s Catwoman, Spider-Gwen and also Spider-Woman – all which show off morphsuits. I’m additionally itching come cosplay D-Va, who wears what?

A morphsuit. For many cosplayers, castle are one of the handiest outfits to have actually in your collection. A plain black one deserve to be offered for multiple points – under armour, to stitch emblems and patches on, as a base layer, and more. I simply love them. They’re particularly handy for first-time cosplayers due to the fact that most morphsuits space 80% the the cosplay!

However, there space some things to keep in mind around morphsuits. Below are five difficulties I often face and also how ns tackle them.

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1. Ditch The Dreaded Camel Toe

Credit: Amazon Prime

Let’s be real – camel toes and also moose knuckles, sometimes we can’t avoid them. It’s specifically hard to protect against them when wearing clingy material. Morphsuits and catsuits are rather clingy, however you yes, really don’t have to worry about revealing also much. An initial of all, girlfriend shouldn’t worry what other civilization think, just what you concern about.

For mine Catwoman cosplay because that instance, i don’t execute this trick because I don’t think my camel toe is obvious. It’s most likely there, yet I just don’t care. However, for my Deadpool and other morphsuit cosplays I perform like doing this little trick. To avoid obtaining a camel toes or any clinginess, simply reduced a small bit of cardboard in a V-shape that fits down there. However, don’t walk cutting out cardboard from a cereal box – that’s just a little too stiff. Instead, uncover an old birthday map or something and also cut it out from that. Just a little thicker than a item of paper is every you have to slot under there and VOILA – good-bye camel toe.

2. Be Weary of The wrong Underwear


Speaking of down there, periodically the dorn underwear deserve to make a cosplay look at a small unpolished. Because that guys, I’m sorry however if you favor the breeze loosened boxers have, I’ve bad news for you. Loose boxers bunch in a morphsuit. Instead, opt because that a boxer briefs for a smooth look.

Now girls, if you think I’m going come say, “Wear a thong,” you’re wrong. Nope, instead pick up a pair of No VPL underwear indigenous Penneys, Marks and also Spencer or any type of store the sells lingerie. Most locations sell them now and also they space the finest thing to happen to anyone who loves come wear leggings or morphsuits. Ns recommend any kind of of Marks and also Spencer’s No VPL selection – so comfy, many are 100% cotton and absolutely no knicker lines.

3. Team job-related Makes The Dream Work


One the the points I dread the most around morphsuits is that when I walk to the toilet, i can’t always get my fit zipped up again (I’m as flexible as a rock.) Thankfully, I always have a heavy crew with me who have my ago – literally. Sure, occasionally I can reach it and also go back to gift Deadpool – but other times I require Spider-Man’s help. I’ve said it before and also I’ll speak it again, go to conventions with friends and also not only will you have a great time, but you’ll always have who to zip you back up.

4. Prevent The Sweat


Like ns said, i love morphsuits – but I hate how warm they can get. In ~ conventions, i can’t assist but get excited and when I obtain excited, I run around. Before I recognize it, I’m sweating. My best trick for handling this? It might not sound an extremely glam yet grab some toilet paper, fold it right into a triangle and also pop it under your pits.

You can additionally carry about deodorant just to freshen you yourself up and additionally a facial spray for her face. Ns picked increase a little can of the from Penneys and also use it whenever I should cool under – at conventions, in ~ festivals or in the sun, it’s among my ideal beauty investments this summer.

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5. Reduced It Out and Make A Call


One the the downfalls of wearing a morphsuit throughout these five so modern-day times is that almost everything is a touch screen. Sure, if you have actually a stylus you deserve to tap this and text on that. If girlfriend haven’t got one, or just don’t desire to use a stylus, you deserve to do what I execute – reduced a teeny, small hole in among your suit’s fingers. I carry out this come both thumbs of my morphsuits for convenience’s sake.

It way I deserve to reply to messages without fiddling roughly but I also don’t have to pause as soon as buying something turn off of a touchscreen. A little trick ns do in addition to cutting small holes in mine suit’s thumbs is to use a clear nail polish to seal it. It’s probably the oldest costume trick in the book! just how many people do you understand that has actually stopped ladders to run in your tights using clear nail polish? It’s stuck roughly this long for a factor – it works!