When examining a new language, exactly how to to speak “yes” is most most likely the very an initial thing you learn.

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Learning exactly how to speak “yes” is an extremely important as we usage it in daily conversations. Not a job goes by that we will certainly not mention the indigenous “yes,” that’s because that sure.

We use it together an affirmative solution to a wide selection of inquiries we conference every single day, specifically to price close-ended ones.






Hindi, a member of the Indo-Aryan team within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family, is the primary official language that India. The Hindi language is spoken by a roughly 615 million speakers, 341 of whom are aboriginal speakers, making the the 3rd most spoken language in the world.

हाँ (haan) is the standard means of saying yes in Hindi.

क्या आप सुरक्षित घर पहुंच गए? “Kya aap surakshit ghar pahunch gae?” (Did you acquire home safely?)

हां, मैंने कैब ली। “Haan, mainne kaib lee.” (Yes, ns took a cab.)


Italian is a romantic language primarily spoken in Italy. That can likewise be heard in Switzerland, mountain Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia, and also Croatia.

If you want to speak yes in Italian, merely say sì, i m sorry is pronounced specifically as that is written. Easy, right?

“Sei stato in Italia?” (Have you to be to Italy?)

“Sì, ci sono stato una volta.” (Yes, I have actually been there once.)


Japanese is thought about a language isolate, which way it is a language the isn’t associated to any other language. V over 127 million speaker worldwide, it is no wonder the it is just one of the world’s major languages.

はい (Hai) is the standard form of yes in Japanese. It is a neutral way of expressing commitment or affirmation, so the is generally acceptable come say under any type of circumstance.

東京に行ったことがありますか。”Toukyou ni itta koto ga arimasu ka?” (Have you ever before been come Tokyo?)はい。行ったことがあります。”Hai, itta koto ga arimasu.” (Yes, i’ve been.)


Korean is one East asian language talked by roughly 77 million human being worldwide. It offers its own alphabet, i beg your pardon is called Hangeul. The oriental language supplied in southern Korea differs from the one being used in phibìc Korea.

네 (Ne) is the standard type of correct in Korean, for this reason it can be provided both formally and informally there is no offending anyone. Also, this one should be easy for you to remember since it sounds like the English native “yeah”.

김치를 좋아하세요? “Gimchireul joahaseyo?” (Do you prefer gimchi?)

네, 좋아해요. “Ne, joahaeyo.” (Yes, I prefer gimchi.)


Portuguese is a romantic language the is primarily spoken in Portugal, Brazil, and also other Portuguese colonial and also formerly colonial territories. Through over 234 million speakers, around 221 of whom are native speakers, the Portuguese language secures a clues in the rankings of the most talked languages in the world.

Saying yes in Portuguese is reasonably easy and straightforward, you just say “sim”. Its together is pretty evident too, so you can utter the Portuguese correct effortlessly for sure!

“Você sabe como dirigir?” (Do friend know just how to drive?)

“Sim, eu sei dirigir.” (Yes, I have the right to drive.)


Russian is an eastern Slavic language spoken primarily in Russia and other countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, and also more. The is talked by approximately 258 million people, 154 million of whom are aboriginal speakers, make the Russian language one of the most spoken languages in the world.

To to speak yes in Russian, simply say dah.

“Vam nravitsya puteshestvovat"?” (Do you choose to travel?)

“Dah, mne nravitsya puteshestvovat" po raznym ugolkam mira.” (Yes, I favor to visit various parts of the world.)

Watch the video clip below to learn just how to pronounce the Russian native dah properly.


Spanish is a romantic language that is talked by end 534 million speakers, 460 million of whom are native speakers. Through these massive numbers, the is no surprise that Spanish is among the most talked languages worldwide.

Sí is yes in Spanish. That is pronounced exactly as the is composed so it have to be simple for you come say correct in Spanish fluently.

“Hoy hace buen tiempo, ¿no car parece?” (The weather is great today, don’t you think?)

“Sí, los días soleados son mis favoritas.” (Yes, clear days are my favorite.)


Swahili, also known through its aboriginal term Kiswahili, is a Bantu language talked either together a mother tongue or 2nd language top top the east coastline of Africa, extending the Lamu Island, Kenya, and also in the phibìc to the southern border the Tanzania in the south.

If you want to to speak yes in Swahili, you have the right to say ndio (en dee yo).

“Una uhakika tunakwenda katika mwelekeo sahihi?” (Are you sure we’re going in the ideal direction?)

“Ndio, nina hakika.” (Yes, i’m sure.)


Vietnamese belongs come the Vietic branch of the Austroasiatic language family. The is mainly talked in Vietnam, Guangxi province in southerly China, Cambodia, and also Laos. Over there are additionally a significant number that Vietnamese speaker in France, Australia, and also the USA.

To to speak yes in Vietnamese, simply say “vâng.” that is pronounced exactly as that is written, except that it is express a small bit faster.

“Bạn ngủ ngon không?” (Did girlfriend sleep well?)

“Vâng, tôi đã có một giấc ngủ ngon và dài.” (Yes, I had a good and lengthy sleep.)


At this point, you already know exactly how to say yes in different languages—17 languages, to it is in exact. That is a substantial achievement for a language student like you!

So even if it is you’re talk to a Spanish, German, or Italian speaker, friend know just how to to speak yes—a really important native most generally used in daily conversations.

You may likewise want come learn just how to speak hello in different languages, which may additionally come in handy.

Learning how to speak yes is a good introduction to a brand-new language. V over 74 languages to select from, civicpride-kusatsu.net is fantastic platform to learn a new language of your choosing.

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