Chatting about relationships is renowned in any kind of language. If you uncover yourself doing the in Spanish, you’re walk to require some details vocabulary and also phrases.

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We’ll start with Facebook’s Spanish options for choosing a connection status. Have the right to you guess what each status below means?


soltero (a)

= singleestoy soltero -> ns am single

Note: The rolling (a) way the order is gender dependent. If you space male and solitary (and talking around yourself), you’d speak ‘estoy soltero‘. If you’re female you’d say ‘estoy soltera‘.

tiene una relación

= has (in) a relationshipIn Spanish, on facebook is utilizing tener (to have) in the 3rd person, saying ‘she/he has a relationship’


= engagedIn this instance, comprometido means, engaged, together in involved to be married. Note that it can likewise mean engaged as in being engaged in an activity:ya estaba comprometido con otro proyecto -> he was already committed to an additional projectestar comprometido a hacer algo -> come be cursed to act something.(Also view prometido below)


= marriedEstoy casado -> i am marriedCasado is the previous participle of the reflex verb casarse which means to marry. As soon as you usage it in the existing tense, you’ll need to include this reflexive:Casarse con una mujer adinerada -> come marry a rich woman.Vamos a casarnos -> we are getting marriedNos casamos -> we’re married

mantiene una unión civil

= in a civil unionmantiene in Spanish way to maintain or to keep. While civil unions room common, countless Spanish-speaking countries additionally use pacto civil de solidaridad (civil pact that solidarity) or sociedad de convivencia (partnership the coexistence)

tiene una pareja de hecho

= residential partnershipThe English variation of Facebook equates this as a domestic partnership, however the literal translation is something akin to ‘has a defacto partner’.Pareja in Spanish way partner or couple, and ‘de hecho‘ is used often in to mean ‘in fact’:De hecho, estaba en Madrid -> In fact, I remained in Madrid.

tiene una relación abierta

= has actually (in) an open relationship

es complicado

= it’s complicated


= separatedestoy separada -> i am be separated (female)


= divorcedestoy divorciado -> ns am divorce (male)


= widowedestoy viudo -> i am widowed (male)

That’s the perform from Facebook. Right here are some extr relationship unit volume in Spanish:

Tengo novio/novia

= I have a boyfriend/girlfriendYou can additionally say tengo un novio or una novia.

also, keep in mind you deserve to use:mi marido / esposo = my husbandmi mujer / esposa = mine wife

No estoy buscando algo serio

= i am not searching for anything serious

No that superado a mi ex

= ns haven’t obtained over mine exsuperar means to overcome, surpass or acquire over. This expression is in the present perfect, therefore it way ‘have (not) acquired over’.

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Amigos con derecho (a roce)

= Friends v benefitsThe expression con derecho literally means ‘with rights‘. Girlfriend may additionally see the included a roce, which method to touch/tap, so in this case, you have friends with civil liberties or girlfriend with rights to touch/tap.

Estoy prometido

= i am engagedAs we mentioned above, comprometido way to be engaged, yet can additionally have extr meanings much more generally. Prometido however, always describes a romantic engagement. Inspect out this yes, really news headline, El cantante británico Ed Sheeran anuncia que está comprometido:

Me prometí justo antes de Año Nuevo. Estamos muy felices y enamorados y nuestros gatos también están encantados