Below you’ll uncover 10 examples of yes in Egyptian Arabic, and some instance phrases in action.

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How to Say yes in Egyptian Arabic

An crucial note around saying yes sir in Egyptian Arabic: a lot of these are often combined together.

You can see: Eshta, mashy or ana dais, eshta or mashy, yes or ok, yalla.

English equivalent? “Ok, cool.”

1) Ok. : mashy..ماشي

Literal Translation: the goes (it passes).


We are going come play playstation, would certainly you prefer to come? : hanro7 nel3ab playstation, t7eb tegi?

هنروح نلعب بلاي ستاشن..تحب تيجي؟

Yes many thanks be to God, every little thing is alright / ok. : ah el hamdulelah kolo tamam.

.اه الحمدلله,..كله تمام


I to be going come Moez street. Desire to come? : ana ray7 share3 el mo3ez, t7eb tegi?

أنا رايح شارع المعز. تحب تيحي؟

Important note: the word yalla might be used by chin to typical “let’s go” (often through bena at the end) or paired with a conjugated verb to average “let’s + verb.”

4) OK. : ok



Don’t forget come send the translation. : matnsash teb3at el targama.

.متنساش تبعت الترجمة


I will use the green, what is your opinion? : ana hastakhdem el akhdar, eh ra2yak?

انا هستخدم الاخضر..ايه رأيك؟

I agree, the green will look at good. : mwafe2, el akhdar hykon shaklo 7elw.

.انا موافق..الاخضر شكله حلو

Literal Translation: milk cream. Don’t ask exactly how it finished up definition cool or OK.


You have to come tomorrow, friend will enjoy it. : lazem tegi bokra, hatetbset.

.لازم تيجي بكرة..هتتبسط

Ok, I will certainly check and let you know (Lit. I will certainly see and also tell you). : eshta, hashof w a2olak.

.قشطة..هشوف وأقولك

Important note: you can’t use eshta to describe something as cool. It’s mostly simply used normally as saying cool.

7) I’m in. : ana dais (super slang).

.أنا دايس

Literal translation: I’m stepping (I’m down for the plans).


Movie night in ~ Rady’s tomorrow (Lit. Let’s film at Rady’s tomorrow)? who is coming? : yalla film 3and rady bokra? meen gai?

يلا فيلم عند راضي بكرة؟ مين جاي؟

We’ve gained your extended if you decide to just go the cinema!

8) impressive / great. : meya meya.

.ميه ميه

Literal translation (100 out of 100)

Thanks, I will certainly send friend the report, and call girlfriend again. : shokran, hab3atlak el taqreer w aklmak tani.

.شكرا..هبعتلك التقرير وهكلمك تاني

Gamed could additionally used together “cool”, usually supplied by teenagers and younger generations.


I obtained tickets for Wegz’s gig (Lit. The party that Wegz), friend coming? : ana gebt tazaker l 7aflet wegz, tegi?

انا جبت تذاكر لحفلات واجز، تيجي؟

Cool, let’s go! I prefer him a lot. : gameddd, yalla bena ana ba7bo gedan.

.جامد، يلا بينا انا بحبه جدا.

Important note: gamed friend basically way the exact same as all the other words because that “nice” / “beautiful” in Egyptian Arabic (helw, gameel, hayel).

Check the end our perform of Egyptian Arabic compliments for some an ext ideas.

10) No difficulty (I don’t mind it). : ma3ndesh mane3.

.معنديش مانع

Literal Translation: i don’t mind it


Where space we eat today? : hanakol fen elnharda?

هناكل فين النهاردة؟

C: you guys go eat that touristic food, I will go gain some koshary. : ro7o ento kolo akl el khawagat da, ana haro7 akol koshary.

.لا روحو انتو كلو اكل الخواجات ده..أنا هروح أكل كشري

PS: Zooba sell koshary together well, and also its awesome!


Cultural Insight

Egyptians regularly say points they don’t actually mean.

Like……quite a lot.

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What I average is the it’s kind of common in Egyptian society to it is in enthusiastic about something, however then not present up. Us talked around this cultural reality in our post around Egyptian time.

Not that everybody go it, that course. Yet certainly other to save in mind once somebody is saying OK in Egyptian Arabic!