We every love obtaining those cost-free chips they give us in mexican restaurants, and today we’re going to find out what they’re actually called in Spanish, or at least in mexican Spanish. I’m additionally going come share something through you the you can find disappointing.

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How come order nachos/chips

Let’s begin with what these tasty things are actually called.

The terms that you generally hear room nachos or simply, chips. Here’s how you frequently ask for part in Spanish:

¿Me trae unos chips por favor?Can you bring me part chips please?

¿Me da unos nachos por favor?Can you give me some nachos please?

While saying “give me” or “bring me” might sound a bit rough in English, it’s perfect fine in Spanish.

By the way, “trae” originates from the verb traer and also “da” comes from the verb dar. It doesn’t issue which one of those you usage to order.

If you’ve currently eaten your way through your very first basket and would choose to ask because that more, you just need to make a tiny tweak to her Spanish.

¿Me trae más chips por favor?


Those unit volume will obtain you all the chips girlfriend want. However now it’s time to find out the word that will definitely raise the eyebrows of numerous Mexicans when they listen you usage it.


The native totopos is what nacho chips are called in mexico Spanish. It’s supervisor Mexican and also will surely impress your mesero or mesera (waiter or waitress). How’s the for flexing those Spanish muscles?


Ok, well, let’s ago up for a second.

Technically the word totopos isn’t Spanish. It originates from the Mexican indigenous language Nahuatl. Drop that item of knowledge on your mesero or mesera (waiter or waitress) and also they will certainly be choose “mind blown”, this gringo to know his stuff.

Okay, currently you know exactly how to bespeak totopos prefer a true Mexican. However let’s not forget the salsa.

How come order Salsa

Asking for salsa is no huge deal, it’s like asking because that totopos.

¿Me trae salsa por favor?Can you carry me some salsa please?

Or if you’ve currently finished your very first serving of salsa you have the right to ask:

¿Me puede traer más salsa por favor?Can you carry me an ext salsa please?

And if you’re wondering around the difference in between “Me trae” and also “Me puede traer”, don’t. Effectively they interpret to the exact same thing.

So as you deserve to see, notified salsa is no big deal. The best mistake human being make once ordering salsa in Spanish is as soon as they ask for spicy salsa.

¿Me puede traer salsa caliente?

Caliente refers to temperature hot. To talk about spicy hot, then words you want is picante.

¿Me puedes traer una salsa picante?

You might want to confirm if they have a spicy salsa, or together we speak “hot sauce”.

¿Hay una salsa que pique?Do you have any type of hot sauce?

If girlfriend don’t know if a salsa is spicy or not, you can ask:

¿Es picante?Is that spicy?

If you recognize it’s spicy yet want to discover how spicy the is, you have the right to say:

¿Pica mucho?Is it very spicy?

And there you have actually it. Girlfriend are now officially an professional on notified chips and salsa in a mexican restaurant.

But we have actually one more things to speak about, which is that tiny piece of information I said you may uncover disappointing.

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While below in the us Mexican restaurants provide you the oh-so tasty basket of totopos as soon as you sit down, that in reality doesn’t happen in Mexico. Probably if you’re in a an extremely touristy area that caters to Americans, yet outside of that, friend won’t be gaining your totopos and also salsa.

And that’s it!

Take your new found knowledge and also go forth and also impress the human being with her Spanish!