Saying ‘I love you’ can be both scary and exciting and also even an ext so in a new language!If you want to know just how to to speak ‘I love you’ and also other romantic unit volume in Afrikaans, then review on.

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How to Say ‘I Love You’ In Afrikaans

To call someone the you love lock in Afrikaans, say:

EnglishAfrikaansPronunciationI love youEk het jou liefEk het yow leefI love youEk is lief vir jouEk is leef ver yow

These unit volume both average ‘I love you’ and also can be supplied interchangeably. Check out the below video clip to hear the pronunciation in Afrikaans:

Romantic unit volume & terms of Endearment in Afrikaans

Try these various other romantic phrases and also terms that endearment including exactly how to to speak ‘I miss you’ in Afrikaans.

EnglishAfrikaansPronunciationI love girlfriend so muchAk is so baie lief vir jouAk es swuh bai leef ver yowI love you tooAk is lief vir jou ookAk es leef ver yow oo-uhkI miss youEk mis jouAk miss out on yowYou typical so much to meJy beteken therefore baie vir myYai bet-yeh-ken swuh bai ver maiI to be crazy about youEk is mal oor jouAk es mal or yowI choose youEk hou valve jouAk hau valve yowMy loveMy liefdeMai leef-dehMy heartMy hartMai hartYou are beautifulJy is therefore pragtigYai es swuh prakh-takhYou look greatJy lyk goedYai lai-k khootYou room so cuteJy is therefore oulikYai es swuh ow-likDarlingLieflingLee-flangSweetheartLiefieLee-fee
These phrases have to come in handy whether you’ve acquired a love interest from southern Africa or Namibia or even if it is you’re simply visiting and want to it is in prepared. If you uncovered this article useful you can additionally learn exactly how to wish who a happy birthday in Afrikaans.Related posts:
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