Switzerland is really charming and also unique country for countless reasons, yet my favourite one may be in respect come its languages. German, French, Italian, and also Romansh (an obscure romance language spoken by much less than 1 percent that the population) are all official national languages.

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Yup, you read that correctly. There are four official languages for the reasonably small nation of Switzerland. naturally this leads to an exciting linguistic mix, one in which facets of one language conveniently blend with another. Considering this factor, you can probably gather that how to speak hello in Switzerland depends rather a little on your context.

We’ve to be attempting to discover German through the help of a tutor throughout our remain in Zurich and also found this topic an especially useful. Without additional ado, below are the different ways you can say hello in Switzerland and also the instances in i beg your pardon it’s suitable to use each one follow to what we’ve learned for this reason far.


Phonetic pronunciation: kroot-zeeLanguage: Swiss GermanLevel the formality: FormalWhere come use: German-speaking areas of Switzerland

Learn this word. Grüezi is by far the most common greeting we’ve heard provided while remaining in Switzerland. It was additionally a native we’d never heard (or heard of) before, resulting in a little confusion our first couple of days once we had no idea what people were saying to us.

This is the greeting you obtain at the cash register at the grocery store store, when out in ~ restaurants, or as soon as passing a friendly stranger.


Phonetic pronunciation: hoyLanguage: Swiss GermanLevel the formality: InformalWhere to use: German-speaking areas of Switzerland

“Hoi” is a an excellent way come casually greet people you know, similar to just how “hi” is used in English. This is the 2nd most usual greeting that we’ve heard used throughout our time in Switzerland.


Phonetic pronunciation: sal-eeLanguage: Swiss GermanLevel the formality: InformalWhere to use: German-speaking regions of Switzerland

“Sali” is one alternate way to greet world you know, comparable to “hoi.” us haven’t heard “sali” used quite together much, however it’s a an excellent word to have actually in your language toolbox.


Phonetic pronunciation: sal-ooLanguage: FrenchLevel the formality: InformalWhere come use: French-speaking areas of Switzerland

This is a fun word to say. Walk on, just offer it a try. It’s pretty obvious in the sound that this one has actually a French flair. We haven’t visited the French-speaking an ar of Switzerland yet, but we look front to experimentation this greeting out as soon as we do!


Phonetic pronunciation: chowLanguage: ItalianLevel that formality: InformalWhere come use: Italian-speaking and also German-speaking regions of Switzerland

It’s pronounced just like the Italian “ciao,” the assignment is just obtained from German. “Tschau” is a word that we’ve seen offered regularly during our visit. It’s likewise a word that Kevin’s grandparents (both the whom are Swiss indigenous German-speaking regions) use frequently.


Phonetic pronunciation: haul-lohLanguage: High GermanLevel that formality: InformalWhere to use: German-speaking areas of Switzerland

It’s not daunting here to watch a to mark similarity to “hello.” “Hallo” is a less formal greeting in High German. From our experience, “hallo” is used often, however not rather as regularly as “hoi.”

Guten Tag

Phonetic pronunciation: goo-ten taugLanguage: High GermanLevel that formality: FormalWhere to use: German-speaking areas of Switzerland

This literally translates to “good day” in English, therefore you deserve to imagine the it is provided in a formal context. Our guardian told united state that “guten tag” is really more of a German greeting than a Swiss one.

So while civilization will recognize you if you select this greeting, it’s not that typically used by the Swiss.

That’s what we have actually so far! i hope this short article has provided some insight for you and will make your pilgrimage to Switzerland a small easier from the get-go. Allow us understand if learn exactly how to to speak hello in Switzerland in different ways via the comment ar below!

How"d us do? carry out you have any kind of experience with this topic, or are you plan to gain some soon and also have some questions in advance? Let us know about them in the comment below! Or, if us made any mistakes in this article, please kindly let us recognize in the comments below and we"ll strive to make this website one even far better resource.

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