The Quechualanguage is the one we inherited from ours Inca ancestors. The is spokenthroughout Peru and if you decide to take trip to our country, you will be able toknow a little an ext about this exorbitant language, which is talked especially indepartments such together Apurimac, Ayacucho, Puno, Cusco, and also a few others.

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Theofficial language of Peru is Spanish, however the 2nd most talked language isQuechua, you will certainly hear it in numerous places. Girlfriend can additionally see that on the streets. Postersof restaurants and also hotels have names in this ancestral language, in addition tothis, the music that the majority of festivities celebrated, because that example, inCusco are sung in Quechua.

So that youcan create a better connection with civilization in Peru, we leave you with someQuechua phrases indigenous greetings to how to flirt. You could like the so lot thatyou unexpectedly want to discover this language.

Greetings and also Farewells

These space some phrases so the you can greet people and you have the right to say some simple words around your mood. We also leave girlfriend a parting phrase. You will uncover that many world you speak to will acquire a nice surprised that a visitor speak to them in this language.

Imaynallan = This is a basic greeting in Quechua, that is used with everyone and also at any kind of time that the day, it mirrors interest in the other.¿Imaynallan kashanki? = just how are you?Answer: Allillanmi = I’m fine.¿Sutiykita willayway? = tell me her name / ¿Iman Sutiyki? = What is your name?Answer: Sutiymi … = My name is …Tupananchiskama = Until following time.


When friend goto the stalls, markets, or artisan markets, the will help you to know these phrasesand numbers in Quechua. It might even get you a bit of a discount.

¿Hayq´ an? = how much does that cost?Añay = thank you.Yupaykuna = numbers Huk = One Iskay = 2 Kinsa = ThreeTawa = four Pisqa = 5 Soqta = SixQanchis = 7 Pusaq = Eight Esqon = nine Chunka = Ten


These phrases relating to the location are very important to reach any kind of place. Also, as an extra truth we can tell you the in places like Cusco, plenty of of the surname of the roads are in Quechua.

Here you can read an ext about the surname of the streets and their translation.

¿Maypin kashani? = where am I?¿Imainatan chayayman Plaza de Armasman? = exactly how did you get to the Plaza de Armas?The names of places like “Plaza de Armas” are not translated, just a Quechua suffix is added, in this instance “man”.¿Maymantan kanki? = Where space you from?Noqa kani Estados Unidos suyumanta = ns am native the joined States.Haku = Come on.Hamuy = Come.


Perhaps among the most essential aspects, when you pertained to Peru, is the food due to the fact that it’s one of the gastronomic heaven of south America, for this reason it will be come know valuable these questions.

¿Ima mihunacha kashan? = What isthere to eat?¿Ch’akipaq imachan kashan?= What doyou need to quench my thirst?¿Iman kashan uhanapaq? = What perform youhave to drink?
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Friend or Brother

One of the things that characterize Peru is the affection with which people are treated, and also for the reason, us usually speak to our friends: “brothers”. However unlike English and Spanish whereby we only say sister and also brother, it changes a lot of in Quechua, due to the fact that it relies who says to who this word.

Brother to brothers = Wayqey.Sister to sister = Ñanay.Brother to sister = Panay.Sister to brother = Turay.


When it comes to love, Quechua is just one of the finest languages to fall in love with. It’s not in vain that songs space sung v this classic language talking around this beautiful feeling.

¿Sapallaykiraqchu kanki? = space you single?Noq´ a sapallayraqmi qani = i am single.Munaycha kanki = You room pretty/cute.Munakuyki = i love you.Kuyakuyki = i love you.


Quechua isthe third most talked language in southern America after ~ Spanish and Portuguese. Itis currently talked in nations such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,Colombia, Ecuador, and also Peru (where the originated).

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Now You need to Practice

You’vealready been able to read a small about this language, currently you only have topractice it and you will only be may be to accomplish that if you visit Peru. So packyour bags and also make a an are on your agenda come let you yourself be surprised by every thewonders that room out there.

See you!

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