The English word "funny" method "something that provides one laugh". What is/are the closestly word/words that match the definition and the nuance of the word "funny"?

Two possible matches are 楽しい【たのしい】 and also 面白い【おもしろい】. However, 楽しい is much more like "fun" and also 面白い is an ext like "interesting". There is additionally 可笑しい【おかしい】, i beg your pardon in my suffer is frequently used with an unfavorable connotations. Words "funny" can likewise have an unfavorable connotations, yet is usually positive. Another feasible match is 滑稽 but this appears to have the sense of "extremely funny".



I think that 面白い is actually lot closer to "funny" than most learners realise, due to the fact that they think of 面白い as "interesting". That often method "funny", e.g.

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アキちゃんはちょうおもしろいよね Aki is yes, really funny.

Another way of saying "that"s yes, really funny", i beg your pardon hasn"t been mentioned, is



You"ve basically answered your question - the indigenous you"ve listed are her options. There"s pretty much nothing closer to the English word "funny" 보다 those words; and also if there to be a much more direct translation, it would certainly be unusual sufficient of a word that it would sound too strange to usage in daily conversation. I"d say to default to 面白い - the would median something favor "something that i enjoy(ed) experiencing", in this case, due to the fact that it was humorous.


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