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The sample - typically blood or cells from within the cheek - is dabbed on to a stain card and also returned come the rap in a tamperproof bag.

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To fragrance her kitchen cabinets and drawers, place a good scent dabbed top top a cotton ball into an inconspicuous comer.They were black specks in the distance, nothing more than what looked to be dots of blotched ink dabbed on to the bright, clear blue sky.Afterwards she resolved her ponytail and dabbed on some cherry lip gloss before heading out the door.I additionally dabbed on part lip-gloss and also blush, and also even regulated to evenly use some black color eyeliner.Beth conveniently ran a hairbrush with her blonde hair and also dabbed ~ above the tiniest little bit of make-up.A couple of minutes later, after ns dabbed on some structure and lip gloss, i was ready to go.I dabbed on small piles that wasabi and also pickled ginger approximately the rice and also between the fish.You are, perhaps, an ext likely to dab on some moisturising cream the you know and also trust quite than some unknown concoction in a vanilla coloured jar.Individual sores or insect bites deserve to be dabbed directly with lavender oil.For a mottled effect shot painting her pot in a plain shade then usage a tiny sea sponge to dab top top a contrasting shade after the base color has dried.Apply by tenderness dabbing the lotion top top cleansed skin with a cottonwool ball, and then leave it to dry.I dabbed my lips lightly through lip gloss and also stood back to evaluate myself.Use a small, sharp brush to dab a small amount that concealer best on the blemish, pressing right into the spot to cover completely.I quickly splashed cold water to my face, tied mine hair in a low ponytail and also dabbed concealer to that annoying, red point out on mine nose.I dabbed concealer on some red spots and also put on a coat of rusty fancy lipstick.Solve the difficulty of dried lips through dabbing your lips through lip balm.More than just dabbing bits of colour on eggs, in Hungary egg painting is taken into consideration an art.She shrieked in pain as soon as a nurse dabbed ointment on she skin.

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Leave the layer of dead skin intact and dab antibiotic ointment top top it.