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Freund / FreundinKumpelMädelsAlterBester Freund / Beste FreundinDicke FreundeEnger Freund / Enge FreundinBekannterFremderFreundchen


Translation: Dude / BuddyAlterAlter is very informal and also mostly provided my male teens and young civilization to resolve their friends.“Hey Alter, to be geht?” (Hey buddy, how’s the going?)

Bester Freund / Beste Freundin

Translation: finest friendBester Freund / Beste FreundinUsed in the same means as the English phrase. The finishing in the adjective beste requirements to be declined depending on even if it is we room talking around a masculine or female ideal friend.“Mein bester Freund gibt mir immer gute Ratschläge” (My ideal friend always gives me great advice)

Dicke Freunde

Translation: special friendsMeaning: Thick together thievesDicke FreundeThe English saying ‘thick together thieves’ method two human being who are an extremely close friends and also get along an extremely well. Occasionally it can imply the two human being are planning or scheming together. The German equivalent is offered in a similar way.“Ich wusste nicht, das ihr so dicke Freunde seid” (I didn’t know you 2 were together close friends)“Er und Justin sind dicke Freunde” (He and also Justin room thick as thieves)

Enger Freund / Enge Freundin

Translation: close friendEnger Freund / enge FreundinThe adjective eng method tight, narrow or close. Comparable to dicke Freunde, it is offered to describe two people who are really close friends. Again the adjective eng needs to be decreased depending top top the gender of the human being it is introduce to.“Sie ist eine enge Freundin von Stephan” (She is a close friend of Stephan’s)


Translation: AcquaintanceBekannterThe native bekannt in German means ‘known’ or ‘famous’. Because that example: Der Schauspieler ist hier sehr bekannt (the actor is famous here). However we have the right to use bekannter to define someone who is well-known to someone, however not yet thought about a friend, therefor an acquaintance.Er ist kein Freund, sondern ein Bekannter (He is not a friend, fairly an acquaintance)


Translation: StrangerFremderAt the opposite finish of the scale to freund, us have fremder. Used because that someone who is fully unknown to a person. It originates from the native fremd, definition strange or foreign. Girlfriend may know the native fremdsprache (foreign language).Der Hund bellte einen Fremden an (The dog barks in ~ a stranger)


Translation: friend / Buster / PalFreundchenFreundchen is a word provided in a sarcastic or intimidating manner once someone is upset or irritated by someone. It’s a bit like putting ‘mate’, ‘buster’ or ‘pal’ at the end of a sentence in bespeak to show your wake up at someone.

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Sie stehen auf dümmem Eis, Freundchen (You’re on thin ice, my friend)Reden Sie mit mir, Freundchen? (Are you talk to me, pal?)So now you understand 10 means to say ‘friend’ in German (including a few bonus words). Have you used any kind of of this yourself?If you delighted in this post, there space many much more posts in the exactly how to to speak … in German series.