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Ok, so i accidentally (don"t ask.....) messed with the ADC setups on mine DX-LCD32-09. Now for part reason, every little thing has a greenish tinge. Ns was simply wondering, exactly how do you execute a factory reset therefore that every little thing is earlier to the method it was? Also, it"s only on the one component input, the other ones room fine.
double check your connections and make sure the cables are in their proper color coded slot. If they aren"t, a greenish tint is the result.Otherwise look for something that say"s default setting"s, gain back settings etc.
Okay, so i made sure every one of the cables were appropriately connected, and also they are. I tried the reset role in the menu, and it didn"t work, and I likewise tried leaving the unplugged because that a day. None of those worked. And now the green tinge is top top every input.
I can aid you. I own two of this TV"s. What is listed below will reset the TV come the state it to be in as soon as you took it the end of the box.1- push "INPUT", climate "2580" - friend will go into the organization menu i m sorry is a yellow-green display screen at the peak left.2- making use of the down scroll button on the far control, scroll to "Other Setting".3- push the appropriate scroll button once.4-Scroll under this brand-new menu to "EEPROM Init"5- press the best scroll switch once.6- follow the next prompt come reset.
Going to shot to bang this, hope the subject header is ideal to mine problem, which ns posted previously as an "aging mode" problem.I, too, need to reset my Dynex (37", DX-37L150A11 in my case) come the manufacturing facility original. My trouble is the I deserve to no longer get to the company menu since of the stupid thing I go (got to business menu, hit the wrong button on the remote, adjusted aging setting to "yes," currently all I get is the opened setup display with an unlimited loop of changing background colors and nothing that responds come anything top top the remote). Is over there another way to reset to manufacturing facility original?Steven
I can"t get the audio to occupational on my DYNEX tv. Once i press audio over there is a red circle with a line attracted through it in the top right corner of my tv. Deserve to someone help
I have actually 2 Dynex tvs i can"t gain 2 of my favourite stations Channel 51.1 ,51.2 ,51.3,51.4 aI get the voice however no picture on the 26 inch.I can"t obtain channel 5 at all on one of two people the 26 or 32 inch. These room both quite new.

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The remote won"t respond throughout the "Aging" feature. All you have to do is hit among the buttons on the TV itself. Must fix your problem. Ns did the exact same thing and that to be the only fix. The should provide you a snapshot again and also go earlier the way it was before the silly setup was selected
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