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Pretty lot the just reason you post on 4chan is to reply to people and also get re..." style="height:10px">
You room watching: 4chan exactly how to answer to who > Pretty much the just reason you short article on 4chan is to answer to people and also get replies from peopleJust because there's no points, doesn't mean civilization don't acquire satisfaction from people replying to them, or having your thread stay at the height with lots of discussion.Replying to threads bumps them come the peak right? So having actually a thread high ~ above the web page is a similar signal as point rankings right?
Yeah, yet the distinction here is the exposure can also come from an adverse and contradictory attention. Therefore the leading strategy for staying at the height of a board is sometimes to be as controversial as possible. Basically, trolling.From a meta perspective, i guess trolling-for-the-sake-of-trolling deserve to be part of the 'echo chamber.' However, at a surface ar level it continues to be antipodal to the idea that 'following a narrative.'
>So the dominant strategy for staying at the height of a board is sometimes to be together controversial as possible. Basically, trolling.In my experience this varies wildly, both indigenous board-to-board and also between imageboard website in general.One aspect is moderation.The MO that 4chan moderation is come enforce us Law and a ceiling minimum of command in together a manner that it is no noticeable to many posters. If you use a internet browser extension which enables you come monitor deleted posts/threads, such as 4chanX, and have it monitor a thread where a poster is intentionally trying come incite controversy in a manner i m sorry is not conducive come the subject or board theme, they will certainly generally acquire silently deleted. On their end, they may acquire warned, banned, or no notification at all, but the deletion is mainly effective since it steal them of your exposure (also, half evasion is trivial, while maintaining one's flamebait increase is not).Another element is the society of every board, which different wildly on 4chan. For example, posting political and also social flamebait on one of the slower, niche plank will just as likely an outcome in civilization silently reporting the bait and also not replying, or only reply to call out the post as flamebait (which is less ideal, however generally end the conversation chain). If the contents is deleted in a consistent and timely manner, the posters can develop norms, and also can an ext effectively manage borderline flamebait without degenerating into a flamewar.Meanwhile, on much faster boards, the larger variety of trolls and also people willing to take it the bait, along with the ephemerality from much faster pace of thread birth and also death, outcomes both in moderation gift unable to store up, and also a require for much more moderation, generally in the kind of "janitors" (board details moderators with limited powers). The more janitors, the much more erratic the enforcement the rules has tendency to be, particularly for global Rules 3 and also 6. For this reason there has tendency to be greater animosity between moderation and also posters on faster boards. The extreme instances would it is in /b/, /r9k/, and /pol/, the latter two informally serving as an outlet for (a)social and political write-ups which have actually proven to be irresistible to talk about while simultaneously being rancorous enough to derail nearly any thread.So to sum it up, trolling is an ext effective top top the fastest and most vitriolic boards, and also less reliable on the rest. IMHO, the ideal "proper" methods to boost your exposure is to either short article original contents (with combined success top top a good day), actively engage others in conversation that is at least tangentially related, and also if ~ above a more image-oriented board, carry out on-topic content to bang the thread.
view more: What room The least Reactive aspects Is the very least Reactive? Which facet Is the very least Reactive In group 1 Yes, that would be part of the "getting replies native people" section... Over there is no clues system. So world don't obtain gamified into obsessive behavior.

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And people don't feeling a compunction come behave in an echo chamber means in order to get points and also be clearly shows either.