The water flowing v your taps is no as clean as it looks. That containsimpuritiesthat damage showerheads, shower device after long-term use. The difficulty even amplifies when dealing with hard water.

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Recall, tough water containscalcium, sulfur, bicarbonate, and magnesium carbonate extracts. That is these compounds that cause costly breakdowns come homes and also industries. The damages to her Moen shower head is, therefore, inevitable.

The Moen shower Head


Showerheads come in different shapes and sizes. They gain manufactured from different materials, too. The main shower head varieties today include:

Fixed shower head headsRain showerheadsHand-held shower jetsDual showerheadsFiltered shower heads

From the category outlined over are shower jets from over a dozen brands. The Moen shower head, however, tops the list. It is a an equipment created to provide clean shower water at high pressures. Such a shower head jet also boasts that its unique design andwater-savingcapabilities.

But are you aware there are much more Moen showerhead models than you deserve to count? The most significant ones include:

Moen S6320BN velocity two-function 8-inch diameter rainshower shower head head brushed nickelMoen 900-002 Flo 1-1/4-inch leak detection smart home water protection system, 1.25 to 1.5 inchThe Moen 26100SRN engagemagnetix3.5-inch six-function handheld, showerhead

The devices, regardless of their sector superiority, continue to be susceptible come impurity build-ups. Eliminating the dirt, back easy, becomes costly since you have to involve the professionals. That is, because that this reason, you must learnHow to Remove flow Restrictor from Moen shower Headyourself.

Best Practices

Fret not once you feeling a loss in water pressure from your Moen showerhead. The possibilities are that your circulation restrictor ill a clog. Yet what execute you do? Is the a task you can finish solo? together the adhering to guide will show, you can unclog the showerhead by:

Exercising Caution together You remove the Components

Do no be in a rush. You could damage crucial internal materials without ever realizing it. Gift cautious likewise helps friend memorize just how toreassemblethe parts. Preferably, you can videotape the procedure to ensure friend hit the mark.

Detaching the shower head Head indigenous the wall Mount


A wrench is crucial for this stage. Yet a many of care is crucial to protect against breaking the head right into bits. Girlfriend must, therefore, place a dry piece of cloth approximately the showerhead and wall surface mount share to shield the component from abrasion. Next, you have to use an adjustable wrench to different the 2 by transforming the device counterclockwise.

Extracting an important Internal Components

Al Moen showerheads haveO-ring gaskets. Castle are very sensitive components, definition you need to only remove them with your finger. The trick below is to rotate the showerhead neck over right into the palm and shake it vigorously. Shaking to adjust the screen loose making O-ring removal easy.

Taking the circulation Restrictor Out


You need a flat-head driver for this step. The tool helps you take the end the level piece that plastic with little perforations the end without damage. However you have to be tenderness lest you damage the threads.

Cleaning the Component

You need to clean the circulation restrictor prior to reassembly. Clean eliminatesimpuritiesthat hinder water flow. The an outcome is a useful component that urges fast water passage.


You should retrofit all components in their original position. The circulation restrictor, because that instance, needs re-installing as soon as cleaned. Second, you have to re-insert the screen and O-ring gasket gently before replacing the external cover.

Installing the shower head Head


Re-installing the Moen showerhead is simple. All you must do is plunder plumber’s tape roughly the shower eight grooves and screw the item gently into the wall surface mount. Perform so until you can no much longer turn the shower mechanism by hand.

Once solve you have the right to then pave the dry piece of towel you used earlier at the joint. Next, you need to take youradjustable wrench, place it on top of the fabric and also turn the device clockwise to tighten the connection.

Cleaning the working Area

Last, you have to clean the functioning area to render the shower closet usable. Besides, you should test the showerhead to ensure it functions perfectly. If not, repeat the sequence until you room sure friend have eliminated the clog.


The Moen shower head head is a superb heritage to any home. It enhances interior aesthetics and at the exact same time urges users to take a bath with minimal water loss. Moreover, the maker is great for body hygiene. That is cheap, too.

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But the device suffers from constant clogging many thanks to dust build-up. The showerhead, under together circumstances, becomes unusable which is why you need to learn how to organization the circulation restrictor yourself. It is a straightforward experiment provided you adhere to the accuse outlined earlier.