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Mossberg 500 plug removed help
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December 29, 2005, 08:46 PM#1

Hey Everybody,First time article so you re welcome be type if ns forget to accurately describe everything, or don’t use the ideal nomenclature. I have actually a Mossberg 500 with an 18.5 customs barrel. Ns was wondering if anyone can tell me just how to take the end the plugin the magazine tube. It currently holds two rounds and I would favor to store the maximum quantity of ring it can hold, i think that number is six. Any assist would be appreciated.Thanks
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Glock G19 9mmColt .380 Gov"tMosseberg 500 12ga 18.5 (HD)

December 29, 2005, 09:01 PM#2

On mine Rem 870, and also probably on your Mossberg, friend unscrew the magazine cap, very closely remove the forearm, then very closely remove the piece that"s between the cap and the spring/plug... On my old Wingmaster, you simply pry the gently v a screwdriver. The more recent ones (for Remington) you turn 90 degrees and carefully background out. It is in careful! The spring likes to fly out as soon as that item is removed. Block it through your hand. Climate the plug comes appropriate out, never to return. I hoep this directions cover Mossberg too. I"m pretty sure my great friend, that bought a Mossberg Persuader this summer, go this precise procedure as soon as he eliminated his. An excellent luck!

I believe the mag. Tube finish piece is welded on and also cannot be eliminated on the 500.Get yourself an 870 or a 590A1 if you want much more flexibility.
Unscrew the barrel retaining srew in ~ the end of the magazine. Eliminate the barrel. Point weapon down and also shake. A wooden dowel will certainly shortly existing itself come you indigenous the hole the the barrel screw was screwed into. Grab said dowel and pull it out. Replace barrel.

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It will come out. Just unscrew the cap and also do choose others have actually metioned. We had the exact same problem and that is just how we got ours the end of ours mossberg.aaron
__________________Perfect practice makes perfect.Glock G19 9mmColt .380 Gov"tMosseberg 500 12ga 18.5 (HD)
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