I"ve seen this problem elsewhere, but I haven"t discovered a solution. I must remove the lens from my fluorescent light fixture so i can adjust the bulbs. It appears the only method to remove the lens would certainly be come remove among the finish caps ~ above the fixture for this reason the lens could slide out. Yet I can"t view any way to remove the end caps. To remove them, it shows up the pressure that would be forced may be great enough to rest them. I"ve never ever seen such a poor architecture for a simple device. Ns could short article photos if that would certainly help.

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Pic"s always help. Most times girlfriend just have to flex the clean cover over one side, climate it comes ideal off.

The lens expand well into the end caps. There is no means sliding the lens either means and climate flexing that would permit it to be removed.
Sometimes you obtain lucky and the totality frame w/lens lifts and can be jiggles loose. Otherwise, that is a video game if angles and patience. Try to acquire one side together high as possible while pulling down on the other. Do this after the light has actually been on for a while for this reason the plastic lens is a tiny warmer and not together brittle. I"ve had success, I"ve additionally had to change a couple that were much less than cooperative.
My guess is the one or both end caps snaps on and also can be eliminated by tapping it near the ceiling to popular music it turn off the fixture. The lens would then on slide out, providing you access to the tubes.
I"ll shot tapping one finish cap off. So far I"ve just been trying come pry that off. Together I mentioned, sliding the lens fully into either finish cap does not allow the opposite end of the lens come come anywhere near dropping down.Added: goldstar wins! The plastic finish caps are held to the fixture through two protruding tabs on every side the the finish cap. Unfortunately, tapping easy on one end damaged these plastic tabs off. Ns don"t care!I now see the correct way is come press really firmly in on the finish of the steel fixture to deform the area so this tabs would then clean the metal fixture"s holes. V the finish cap off, the lens slides out.

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Too negative you had actually to rest the tabs turn off one end cap to find out the trick, but, happy you acquired it resolved and also thank you because that the feedback.
I set up a couple of new 6000K daylight tubes and the area looks an excellent now. So much so, I want to readjust the various other two still functioning tubes in a adjacent fixture. Fortunately, the lens has a ridge on every side that simply lifts up turn off the fixture. I"m an skilled now!
I love those. I forget what was in our to wash room as soon as we bought this house, however I instantly replaced every little thing it was with two two-tube T-8 fixtures, one 4" and one 2", join end-to-end, and installed 6500K lamps (I think lock are) in them. That"s 120W of daylight ideal down the center of the room. If girlfriend don"t check out a spot on the clean clothes in the room, you sure won"t see one what else!Hey! go for it, expert!

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