How To eliminate Front Door panel 07-13 Chevy Silverado 1500 Truck

Watch this video clip to learn exactly how to change your door panel. The experts at 1A Auto present you just how to replace the within door trim on your 07-13 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra.

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use a level blade screwdriver to pry up and also remove the panels behind the door pull, door handle, on optimal of the door traction handle, and also the triangular dashboard up in ~ the top of the door panel. Unbolt the exposed 10 mm bolts with your socket and ratchet. Pry up and disconnect the switch panel in the door pull. Remove the door lock by prying the end the clip securing it at its base. using firm and also even movements, remove the door dashboard from the door by pulling on the edges. Disconnect the door latch cable utilizing your needle sleep pliers.
connect the door latch cable and also thread the wiring harness connection through the switch dashboard gap. Line the door dashboard up with the door and clip it into place. Connect the wiring harness as much as the power switch panel and also clip the panel ago into the door pull. Bolt the door panel to the door v your 10 mm socket and also ratchet. Clip all the tiny service panels earlier into place.

Brought to you through, your source for quality replacement parts and the finest service ~ above the internet. Hi, I"m Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and also next time you require parts because that your auto think of Thanks. In this video clip we"re walking to show you exactly how to eliminate the door dashboard on this 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500. We"re walk to display you the driver"s side, but the passenger side"s pretty lot the same except for a few extra harnesses ~ above the driver"s side. The tools that you"ll require for this is a level blade screwdriver, a 10mm socket and also ratchet through an extension, and also a pair that needle-nosed pliers. Utilizing a flat blade screwdriver, you want to eliminate these three panels: the one behind the door handle, this door pull manage panel, and also that triangular panel at the optimal there. Once those are gotten rid of you"ll see there is 3 10mm bolts here, and we"ll just quick forward as he clears those. You simply want to eliminate this tiny panel under this handle right here, so simply pry the out through your level blade. Now you just want to remove these two 10mm bolts ideal here. You desire to pry up that switch panel and also just disconnect these harnesses. It"s just push in the tab top top the top and also pull back on them. Because that this lead there"s a tab on the earlier of it. You just want come pry out that tab and then the clip will actually pull up and also out. Now pull her lock up and also there"s a tiny panel right here, simply a little clip. You want to pry that out v the flat blade screwdriver. When you pry that the end you can just background that appropriate up and off. Now you have the right to start prying off the door panel. Simply reach behind it and give that a spicy pull to release those clips. You desire to carry out this all the way around the panel. As soon as you execute that you deserve to just lift it off, and also then you desire to tilt it. Now if you go in behind the door panel here, you"ll see this door take care of cable down here. Utilizing needle-nosed pliers just push the clip inward and you can pull that up and also out. Now to reinstall her door panel, you want to make certain that these clips heat up into those holes, and that those hooks heat up into those slots appropriate there. Currently you desire to take the door take care of cable, placed it ago into that clip, pull ago on it, and feed it into that tiny spot there. Run all her harnesses up through where the door switch panel goes. You desire to make sure that this lock tab go up with the door panel. You desire to line the door dashboard up ~ above the home window sill, and also then once it"s lined up, you deserve to push in the clips every the way around. Take her lock, on slide it back onto the tab there, and also reapply that small square clip. We"ll quick forward together he replaces the 2 10mm bolts under this handle here, as well as the 10mm bolt behind the door handle. Now reconnect the harnesses to the door move panel and also push that down into place. We"ll proceed to rapid forward as he replaces that pull handle and also the 2 10mm bolts that secure it. Currently you simply want to change those four trim panels. We hope this helps you out. Brought to you by, your source for top quality replacement parts and also the finest service top top the internet.

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