Changing her tragus piercing can be rather a challenge. That"s because of the little sized balls on her tragus piercing. Fortunately, there a lots of tips and also tricks explaining different obstacles piercings bring us. We desire to share a straightforward but useful tip through you about changing your tragus piercing without trouble!

1 - Take the round of her tragus piercing in between your thumb and index finger, through the screw object pointed forwards. 

2 - Turn the bar around, additionally with your thumb and also index finger.

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Here in ~ Piercing Mania, we get a most questions around the tragus piercing. Many of the time it is about how girlfriend should adjust the tragus piercing. Some civilization find the really civicpride-kusatsu.netmplicated to put on a tragus piercing because of the small ball size.

A lot of people shot to placed on their tragus piercing through screwing loose one that the balls and also putting the bar in indigenous the front to the back. After that a lot of people shot to screw ~ above the round from the back, i beg your pardon makes quite a difficulty with those tiny balls. By reversing this approach, girlfriend will provide your finger much more room to screw the ball on your tragus piercing.

Step 1 - Screw the ball that is an alleged to be in the earlier loose. In the image, this represents number 1.Step 2 - placed the ball in between your thumb and also index finger. Host the ball in the back of her tragus.Step 3 - place the bar(number 2 in the image) through your tragus, indigenous front civicpride-kusatsu.netme back.Step 4 - Make certain that the thread and also the ball room on the exact same level and also that the ball have the right to be screwed ago into the piercing.Step 5 - rather of turning your index finger and thumb stop the ball, revolve the bar(number 2 in the image).

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