We know, it"s so rare the you ever have leftover French fries. Who would want to leave any of this crispy, braided bites of goodness on the plate? yet it happens, so we"ve obtained some advice on the best way to reheat fries so the they are practically as tasty the following day.

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First off, we should note that to finest reheat fries, you want to usage restaurant-quality take-out fries, not fast food. Nothing versus fast food fries, but they"re no going come reheat together well. If friend really want to reheat fast-food fries, we suggest repurposing lock as component of one more dish. Day-old fries from quick food joints will never ever regain their crispiness also if you put them in the deep fryer.

Step away from the Microwave

Grab her leftover fries out of the refrigerator. Now, walk away from the microwave. No, really, it"s not worth it. You"ll obtain limp, soggy fries and also nobody wants that.

Microwaving cold fries is usually steaming them. Since the microwave works by heating the within of the fry first, the moisture within each fry turns to steam, which renders the exterior of the fry lose its crispness. Her goal is to tenderness reheat the within while re-crisping the outside. Because that that, you require the oven as the perfect reheating tool.

The oven is the Best means to Reheat Fries


A cast-iron skillet on the stovetop heated over medium-high heat is the best means to reheat virtually any fried food. Make sure you usage a big enough pan; if you overcrowd the pan, you gain a steam effect from the moisture as it heats up. If you have a the majority of fries, reheat castle in batches.

Add a tiny oil to the pan and let it heat until the oil shimmers; you"ll desire to use food preparation oil choose vegetable oil v a high exhilaration point. You have the right to reheat the fries there is no the extra oil (they must retain some of the original oil in i beg your pardon they were fried), yet using a bit an ext will help the potatoes fresh up again.

When the pan is hot, add the fries in a solitary layer. Cook for a minute, then flip the fries. Cook each side for 30 seconds to a minute, or until they room nice and also crisp. Place the warm fries ~ above a file towel to drainpipe the overfill oil, then add a small bit of extra salt, other seasonings, or Parmesan cheese and prepare to enjoy.

Second Choice: The Oven

It bring away a little bit longer, but the oven technique works to reheat fries practically as well together a skillet top top the stove. Preheat your range to in between 400-450ºF and also pop her baking sheet right into the oven to preheat together well.

Once the cooktop is hot, spread out the fries out on the baking sheet in a solitary layer. They"ll need to spend in ~ least four or 5 minutes in the range until they"re a nice gold brown, yet keep an eye top top them due to the fact that they might need a few minutes an ext for if you"ve obtained a huge pile of fries.

If you"re hoping to reheat French fries at job-related where you don"t have a complete kitchen, recognize that toaster ovens occupational just and their bigger counterparts. Remember no to crowd the fries as soon as you heat them; if you deserve to heat the small toaster baking sheet because that a minute before placing the fries on it, all the better.

Repurpose Those Fries

Leftover fries also work yes, really well together the communication for various other dishes. You deserve to chop castle up and also use them in a breakfast hash or in a frittata. Or you might repurpose them together hashbrowns or tater tots.

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Or you might use them as the foundation for two of the ideal potato key in the world: Disco Fries and Poutine. Sports on the same idea comes to us from brand-new Jersey and Canada respectively, both are basically fries topped v cheese and gravy. (If you"re going come reheat fast-food fries, this is just how to carry out it, because almost anything tastes much better covered v gravy and also cheese.)

Plain or with toppings, through a little patience and attention, leftover fries have the right to be simply as good the next day.