To put an automatically transmission automobile into neutral when the battery is drained, apply the parking brake, revolve on the ignition switch, boring the brake pedal and then relocate the gear shift to neutral. If the shift will not relocate from park, then you need to activate the shift lock release.

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Apply the parking brakeThe parking brake go not need the automobile to have electric power and should store it from relocating once the auto is in neutral. It have the right to be found as a pedal come the left that the typical brake pedal, or as a bar in the facility console.

Turn ~ above the ignition switch

Place your vital into the ignition and also turn it clockwise. This publication the lock top top the steering wheel.

Depress the brake

Depress the brake pedal situated in the center of the floor. As soon as it is depressed every the way, the gear shift should be complimentary to move into the neutral position.

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Release the shift lock

If the change still does not move, climate there may be a transition lock engaged. Look because that a latch or keyhole in the facility console. Use a crucial or a screwdriver into the opening. This release the lock and permit the gear change to move right into neutral.

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