You’ve more than likely seen guys wearing your cool small fishing hats, but no, they aren’t plain, lock adorned with lots of flashy and colorful fish hooks. So, why do guys put fishing hooks in your hats?

Well, a part of this might be as result of usefulness, or in various other words, with the hooks in the hat, they’re simple to acquire to at a moment’s notice.

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However, although we would prefer to say that fish hooks in hats room all around being useful, a large part that this simply has to do through style and looking cool.


3 just how to placed a Fishing Hook on her Hat

Why Do people Put a Fish Hook on your Hat?


Alright, for this reason the general agreement here is that world often hook this fishing hooks top top the brims of your fishing hats due to the fact that it is convenient.

Sure, there space plenty of quite tackleboxes out there with plenty of little compartments and dividers to save fish hooks separate.

However, once you room in the middle of fishing, sometimes it’s no feasible to go rooting roughly the in the tacklebox, not just to discover a hook, however to untangle it from every little thing else in the tacklebox too.

With the fish hooks lined up and also neatly separated on the brim that the fishing hat, they’re basic to acquire to at a moment’s notice and move them the end for the present fishing hook gift used.

Yet, as useful as that sounds, it have the right to be somewhat challenging to eliminate a fishing hook from a hat once it’s yes, really in there, plus if no done right, it deserve to be a bit dangerous too.

All of that being said, that is same to assume the the number one reason for maintaining fishing hooks ~ above a hat is due to the fact that it watch cool. I

t’s a means of saying “I’m a pro angler, I recognize what i’m doing, and also look at every one of my glowing hooks”.

It might be interpreted as a way of mirroring off a bunch of cool hooks. Similar to a Rolex watch or Gucci shoes, this could be seen as a status symbol.

What next of the hat does the Fish Hook go on?

So, if you’re going to placed your fishing hooks onto your hat, what side will certainly you put them on? Well, this counts on why girlfriend are putting them over there in the an initial place.

If friend are placing the fishing hooks in her hat because that actual use, for fast access, climate you will constantly want to placed them ~ above the side of your hat that synchronizes with your leading hand.

In other words, if girlfriend are best handed, you’re walking to put the hooks on the best side the the hat.

After all, if friend are best handed or left handed, you know that utilizing your other hand because that anything is reasonably hard. Simply put, for many people, the hand the is no the dominant one is reasonably useless.

If you room a righty, using your left hand to eliminate the hook from your hat is going come be practically impossible.

However, if friend are putting the fishing hook on your hat because that style and also to just look cool, it yes, really doesn’t issue where they go.

The placement of the hook is only vital if you arrangement on acquisition them out and also actually making use of them. If it’s just for style, whereby the hooks walk is entirely up to you.

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How to put a Fishing Hook on your Hat

So girlfriend don’t end up jabbing a razor spicy fish hook into your head, let’s easily go over how to get the point onto and also off her hat without poking yourself.

First off, return some people will put fishing hooks right into the height section of the hat, right where the head is, this is no recommended.

This is a great way to attract blood indigenous that fragile noggin the yours. This is something you should only carry out with those large 360 degree brimmed fishing hats, and the hooks must really only be put in the brim the the hat, fine away from your skin and also meaty parts.

Moreover, acquiring the hook top top the brim or bill instead of the head ar is generally much easier too.

Although this is best done with actual fishing hats, if you desire to affix the hook come the brim, friend may also use a baseball cap.

Just beware that if you usage a baseball cap together opposed to a fishing hat, you’ll have actually less brim space to work with.

Method 1: The cap Clip

The first and simplest technique to gain a fish hook onto the brim of her hat is with a special fish hook cap clip.

These deserve to be purchased because that a really low cost and also are designed come clip simple fish hooks onto hat brims.

You more or less just need to slide the clip and the hook ~ above the brim of her hat, and you’re good to go.

Method 2: Hook & Cover

If you have a fishing hat with a thin brim, girlfriend can constantly hook the fishing hook directly onto it, and onto the optimal section that the cap too.

Although, beware the this will put holes in your hat. Anyway, take the hook and also lay it flat against the brim or optimal section of the hat.

Now thread the sharp end of the hook through the hat, so that goes into the cap once and also then comes earlier out the front.

It’s no unlike sticking one of those poppies or pins onto her coat. Simply threat it with once and also ensure that the hook is flat against the hat.

Beware that stabbing you yourself here. Most world who do this will usage a small rubber or cork stopper, a very tiny one, to cover the pointy finish of the hook.


The bottom line is that having actually fish hooks on her hat is more a standing symbol and something to make you look flashy, rather than actually being useful. Yeah, it deserve to be advantageous in part cases, but darn walk it ever look cool!