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Gels, clays, pomades, and waxes have their purpose. However some men just may not prefer the feel, the finish, or the ingredient of this products. So, how do you make your hair wake up naturally?

The many natural method of make hair wake up is to obtain a haircut the is longest in the front prior to getting much shorter towards the back. Friend can additionally use water, warm sources, and brushing methods to provide the hair volume and also make it stand up.

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Keep reading to find out six easy ways to carry out it in an ext detail.

None the these methods require hair products, however most of them do require extr tools. Naught fancy, however.

It’s difficult to encourage hair to wake up without them, yet once it’s standing, the will proceed to perform so top top its own.

Let’s obtain to it.

1. Acquire The best Haircut

The many natural way to encourage your hair to wake up without commodities is to acquire the right haircut.

Ask your barber to provide you a haircut the keeps an ext length at the front and also top, before making it much shorter towards the back.

Some famous men’s haircut that maximize organic volume include the quiff and the pompadour.

The much shorter hair in ~ the back supports the much longer hair in the direction of the front and also props that up.

This may sound overly simple, yet it works. Describe what you’re aiming because that to a an excellent barber and also there’s a an excellent chance they’ll know what friend mean.

They’ll cut and trim her hair in such a means that the hair that’s many visible indigenous front-on is an ext likely to stand up.

When you’ve got the best hairstyle, you’ll often discover that friend won’t need additional organize from hair products. This is an especially true when this natural an approach is linked with others from this list.

2. Job-related The Hair if It’s Damp

Applying water to her fingers, a brush, or a comb is fantastic way to make your hair was standing up an ext effectively. Your hair will certainly dry in the desired upward position.

Don’t obtain me not correct – water doesn’t have actually the same host as a heavy hold clay or pomade.

But damp hair is much easier to work-related than dried hair.

If you have straight or thick hair, using a wet brush will be much more effective. If you have thin hair, a wet wide-tooth or fine-tooth comb will certainly be easier.

Do not use a dried brush or comb on sopping wet hair, together this place a lot of tension on your hair and is much more likely to damages it.

Hair the wet is additionally less predictable, as it becomes an extremely stretchy and also it might not end up standing fairly the way you want. Plus, if it’s also wet the load of the water would stop it from remaining up in the first place.

Towel dried it till it’s a small damp and start functioning it upward. Once it’s stand up, you can either allow it come airdry or much better yet – use a punch dryer to lock the in place.

3. Usage A blow Dryer

Using a punch dryer is a great way to dried the hair, provide it volume, and make it stand up.

The easiest way to dry your hair and work volume right into it is by bending over and also flipping your hair upside down.

By blow-drying it this method with the blow dryer facing the ceiling, her roots are required to dried upward and away from your scalp, which pressures the remainder of her hair to was standing up.

Once her hair is totally dry, you can flip the the right way up and also style the volumized body however you like.

When you’re hair is in position, you can “lock” the in place using a cold setting.

Experiment through the attachments the most most likely came with. A “concentrator nozzle” is a slim attachment friend clip ~ above the front so girlfriend can emphasis streams of warm air onto details sections that the hair.

It’s a an excellent way come make details parts of the hair wake up if you’d favor them to while leave the various other parts alone. It provides you a lot more control.

4. Try A Hair Iron

A hair iron is an additional heat resource that can encourage your hair to stand up. Essentially, it’s a type of straightener.

Unlike a punch dryer, a hair iron must never be used on hair the is wet; this will cause damage.

Using a heat-protective spray forward is additionally a good idea.

Once your hair is dry, usage the hair iron come pull her hair up and back. That is best to do this in sections. Repeat the procedure until her hair is was standing up at the preferred volume.

Take treatment not to lug the hair iron too close to your roots, and avoid grabbing it by the metal, even if it has actually been unplugged.

Using straightening gadgets like this won’t be for everyone. For some men, it may seem end the optimal or unnecessary. However if you’re stuck and also looking for a fairly simple solution, a hair iron might be something you want to consider.

5. Adjust Up The Part

Sometimes, every you need to do to make her hair stand up naturally is adjust the direction in which your hair is parted.

If you have actually hair that you continue to component the exact same way, the hair tends to lay very flat closest to the part, and it is being trained to carry out so by being parted favor that therefore often.

By relocating the component with a hairbrush, you will certainly create more volume and also fullness.

By avoiding the hair from laying in that place all day, you’re permitting previously flattened roots to was standing upright.

This is a quick, easy, and also natural method to do previously level parts of her hair was standing up.

6. Shot Back Brushing

If you execute not have an noticeable part, you have the right to make her hair wake up by to brush it back. This an approach of giving hair more volume is similar to making use of a hair iron.

While earlier brushing might not be as efficient as that, it’s generally kinder on her hair 보다 regularly applying heat.

Plus, guys may simply be much more comfortable with this method.

Back to brush is also most efficient when you job-related in sections. Start with your roots, and gently brush them up and away from your scalp a few times.

The tool you usage does do a difference. Brushes and also combs serve various purposes.

Brushes are great for training the hair to flourish in your preferred direction and additionally for redistributing organic oils.

Combs, ~ above the other hand, are better for detangling the hair. As you’d expect, tangled hair is much much less likely to stand up on that is own.

Getting right into a daily habit the brushing and also combing will definitely start to gain rewards.


So lengthy as you space willing to take the moment to present volume right into your organic hair, you deserve to make her hair stand up without hair products.

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If you rush any kind of of these approaches they will not be as effective and also will normally do an ext harm than good.Try lock out and also see i beg your pardon one you discover most efficient for your specific hair. Enjoy.