Need assist deciding which form of table skirting or what accessories to buy? You"re in the best place! This is a quick and also easy guide that will aid you understand how to dress a table, consisting of sizing and proper application.

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For the best looking skirted table you generally need 3 things: skirting, clips and also a topper.

Table Skirting

Table skirt Clips

Table Topper


The skirts are applied last. All of our table skirts have a Velcro piece sewn along the top earlier edge, for easy attachment come the clips. Skirts come in 3 various sizes - below you"ll learn just how to determine which dimension you need.

Table skirting can of food be provided without toppers or clips, yet without clips you"ll require a different method to attach the skirting to her tables.

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Clips slide over the topper and table leaf - or bare table edge need to you not desire toppers.They come in countless sizes to fit different size table thicknesses, and also have Velcro on the outside portion.The Velcro is important due to the fact that this is what"s walking to attach to the skirts.

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The topper is essentially a table fabric that consists the top of the table and a little amount of its sides. Our table toppers room specially make from the same fabric as ours skirting to ensure they match perfectly.

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If you only require to know the general procedure of using table skirting:

Quick Skirting Setup Steps:

Step 1: starting with a empty table, place your table topper end the table.Step 2: ar your clips end the table edge and topper (usually one clip per foot).Step 3: choose a starting point and attach her skirt come the first clip. Progressively work your means around the table and attach the skirting come the continuing to be clips.
Step 1Step 2Step 2 (Clips closeup)Step 3

Detailed guide to aid determine what girlfriend need and how to use it:
Step 1
Determine the table skirt size you"ll need. This is actually simple - skirts come in 3 standard dimension lengths: 13ft, 17ft, and 21ft (all are ~29" height).Most world skirt 3 political parties of a table - some skirt all 4 sides. The image below shows these lengths and common table dimension applications. If you have actually a unique sized table, girlfriend will want to watch at getting custom table skirts created, which have the right to be made to fit any size girlfriend need.

Step 2
Chose a color, pleat type, and also material.

We market a wide an option of colors, pleats and also materials, so you should have actually no trouble finding exactly what girlfriend need. Ours table skirting is easily accessible with 2 species of pleats: crate pleats or shirred pleats. If you"re unfamiliar v the differences, watch the images listed below for reference. (Shirred pleats room the many common)


We offer 2 different varieties (materials) that table skirting - a typical No-Iron worth Poplin line and also a Premium Wrinkle release Lacoste line.Use the chart listed below to help you decide in between the two. Both room a great value and also of a quality you won"t find anywhere else.

Economy vs. Typical vs. Premium Table SkirtsEconomy from $18.95Standard from $24.95Premium from $34.95

No Iron, Stain/Wrinkle Release architecture (unique come

No steel with suitable laundering (Industry standard)NotNeeded
Quality construction & Lasting Durability

Skirting Clips

Almost as necessary as the skirts themselves space the clips - they"re what hold the skirting ~ above the table! all of our clips have Velcro on them, for this reason they attach easily to the skirting (all table skirting we make has actually Velcro® brand Velcro sewn along the top ago side).

We sell a wide an option of clips for a selection of various table sizes. To recognize which clip you"ll need, you need to recognize the thickness that the sheet of her tables. As soon as you know the thickness you can pick the as necessary sized clips here. SC, EC, MC, SMC and BC are the much more common sizes.

Generally, you want to apply one clip every foot for the ideal application. Below are some photos showing a clip ~ above a table, and also the Velcro sewn come a table skirt.

Note: Table skirting clips should be placed on from the bottom up.

Example the a clipover a table edgeVelcro sewn alonga skirt"s backside

Table Toppers

Table toppers sheathe the height of your table and complete its look! The specific size of the topper isn"t as well important due to the fact that the skirting commonly going consists its sides.

Almost any type of table fabric could work, but if you"re looking to enhance fabrics and/or colors to our table skirting, we encourage you to browse our table toppers page by click here.

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Skirting Hangers

Lastly, if you want an easy method to store your skirts and keep them clean and also looking great, we encourage you to buy skirting hangers. They"re available at a discounted price once purchased through skirting and are a true room saver - your skirts deserve to be tucked far in a closet till needed.

Skirting hangers are basic and affordable!

Step 4
Enjoy your skirts!

We hope you"ve uncovered this info helpful, and that this guide has made her purchasing decision easier. If you still have any question concerning how to skirt a table, we encourage you to conversation or contact our knowledgeable customer company agents, we"d love to help you!