Little Alchemy 2 is a popular brand-new game and a sequel to tiny Alchemy. In the game, you are tasked through combining elements to spawn brand-new creations. The score is to combine brand-new elements to ultimately unlock every thing available. In this guide, we summary the combination path you should take to make Coal.

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For simplicity"s sake, we"re walk to rest this down into two separate parts: all the combinations you deserve to use to do Coal and also the most direct path to making coal from the beginning of the game.

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Coal Combinations

The following list mirrors you every the possible combinations you deserve to use to do Coal.

Pressure + organic matterEarth + PeatStone + PeatRock + PeatTime + PeatPressure + Peat

Combination Path

The adhering to list outlines the most direct combination path to make Coal.

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Energy: Fire + FirePuddle: Water + WaterPond: Puddle + PuddleLake: Pond + PondLand: Earth + EarthContinent: Land + LandPlanet: Continent + ContinentAtmosphere: Air + PlanetCloud: Atmosphere + WaterLightning: Cloud + EnergyLife: Lightning + LakeSoil: Life + LandPlant: Life + SoilGrass: Earth + PlantMud: Water + EarthSwamp: Mud + GrassPeat: Plant + SwampCoal: Peat + planet

Once you monitor the steps above, you"ve gotCoal. You"re now only one action away native diamonds! Simply combine Coal through Pressure, and you"ve obtained yourself a profit.

Check the end the small Alchemy 2 web page for an ext guides indigenous Pro game Guides!

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