I've gone with two account at this point. My an initial one I've had actually for years. I come ago and try to log in in, and also apparently the email is no registered... Okay? I've had actually this account because that YEARS! as I just said! i figured, maybe I'm remembering wrong? So i go to just make a new account through the very same email. "This email is currently in use" (paraphrasing)... What the %$#

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Screw it. Let's do an account under a brand-new email. After that is done, I gain no confirmation email. Whatever. No huge deal. Not like I must to just browse. A couple of days later, I need to gain in direct contact with a user. I click "Send Note". Reportedly I have to verify mine account, and I can currently see how this will certainly go. So over the following 2 weeks, I have actually resent my confirmation email dozens of times. you guess it. I never ever received one. For 2. Whole. WEEKS! Why is this website so trash?


pretty much the exact same boat... I've had my devientart account because that YEARS.. Try to log in in today.. Won't permit me.. (mind you, the username/password is auto-filled from the browser)

I'm like.. Wtf...

So i go come reset password, it never ever SENDS THE EMAIL..

I'm utilizing gmail, i've confirm all the spam settings, confirm all the folders.. It merely NEVER ARRIVES....

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Deviantart demands to obtain their mail servers in order, or develop a technique for people to directly contact them / develop a assistance ticket something.. This is absolutely absurd.

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