Speed and skill room the surname of the game when it involves air hockey. The much faster you relocate the puck, the more your skill deserve to outwit your opponent. But speed without skill, may have actually you losing the video game as well.

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Can friend wax an wait hockey table? Yes friend can. In fact, waxing an air hockey table is acceptable and also wanted. The much faster the puck travels the much better your odds in ~ scoring.

To discover out exactly how to wax your table correctly, and which wax to use, proceed to read our article, It has the info you need to know

Waxing wait Hockey Table 101
What Wax to use on air Hockey Table
Car Wax on wait Hockey Table
Air Hockey Spray Wax
Best Wax for Air Hockey Table
How to Wax waiting Hockey Table
How to Make an air Hockey Table Slick
Air Hockey Table Slippery Again
Air Hockey authorized Table optimal Cleaner Polish
Some final Words

What Wax to use on air Hockey Table


Once you plug those holes up the puck i will not ~ slide together well. It has no cushion to ride on. ~ the holes acquire plugged, girlfriend will have a time consuming task of unplugging them. The is not a fun job to do.

Air Hockey Spray Wax

Air hockey table’s surfaces space made v laminate materials. This product is already a little slick. To do the puck slide a little faster ~ above this surface ar you may use wait hockey spray wax.

You carry out not desire to spray a the majority of the wax ~ above the surface as you will certainly run the danger of clogging up the air holes and ruining her air hockey game. In this case, less is more.

Best Wax for Air Hockey Table

If friend are searching for a good table wax to usage on your air hockey table, climate you may want to shot Wildcat 125. Just a small will execute it. If friend cannot discover this brand that wax, yo may want to use Pledge or some various other furniture polish.

What friend don"t desire to usage is surfboard wax. This form of wax is draft to add friction or traction for this reason you perform not lip off your surfboard. The last thing you need is an ext friction on her air hockey game.

How to Wax waiting Hockey Table


There are a few good procedures to monitor in order to wax her air hockey table correctly:

1- First, rotate on your air blower. The air flow will block any dirt or wax from falling right into the holes and clog them up

2- Next, usage a lightly damp cloth. You have the right to mix a very small amount of soap into the cloth and also gently wipe the surface ar of your air hockey table. Abrasive cleaners can damages the table surface

3- Wipe the table’s surface ar taking treatment of to obtain all the blobs the dirt turn off without end wetting the surface

4- Then, re-wipe v a slightly damp cloth that has actually no soap on it. You want to remove any type of soap that stuck indigenous the an initial round the wiping

5- let the table’s surface ar dry. Then use very little spray wax and a towel to spread the wax over the surface. It is in gentle and also do not obtain the wax into the waiting holes

6- Now, let the wax dry. ~ that just buff it to a pretty shine and also turn turn off the air blower.

7- carry out not clean the side walls of your game where the puck hits.

How to make an air Hockey Table Slick

It is not difficult to do an wait table slick. Just follow the upcoming basic steps:

Clean her table regularlyVacuum your table​Clean the waiting holes​Change the size and weight of the puck​Change a worn out puck​Polish the tableSpray silicone on top of the surface

Air Hockey Table Slippery Again

One the the key ways to make your air hockey table slippery again is to examine the blower. It may be as well old and also needs replacing. Once the wait blower gets old it may not put out enough air to store the video game slippery sufficient to have fun.

The following item to inspect would be the waiting holes. You may have actually kept your game nice and clean however dirt or wax might have uncovered their method inside. A good cleaning of the air feet takes time yet the outcomes are precious it.

To protect against your waiting hockey from losing its slippery nature, you should cover it. Once not in use, a great blanket or tarp will save dirt, grime and also other elements off the surface and also keep that slippery.

Air Hockey approved Table peak Cleaner Polish

There is no one authorized air hockey table top cleaner. You have the right to use a range of soft soaps and also detergents consisting of Windex to gain the dust of her air hockey game. Fluid soap is the many recommended laundry detergent to use.

One manufacturer has actually recommended the rubbing alcohol is the finest cleaner to use on a laminated wait hockey surface.

Answering your questions

#1. Deserve to I use laundry detergent to clean my air hockey table?

Maybe on the exterior of the game yet not on the laminated surface. Laundry detergent might be as well abrasive and also may harm the surface.

#2. Where can I uncover a great wax because that my waiting hockey game?

You could want to try a sporting good store the sells air hockey equipment and also replacement parts. Or walk to your neighborhood grocery store and also pick up some furniture polish

Some last Words

Keeping your air hockey game is no that difficult. The an essential is to be gentle and also not plug the waiting holes. As soon as you do that, you will certainly spend an ext time unplugging the waiting holes 보다 playing the game.

Then to do it slippery just needs a little common sense. A many wax might make dust slide off cars and also furniture, however it won’t assist make her air hockey game slippery again.

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When you go and also clean your video game just be careful and do a an excellent job. Climate you understand the surface will be slick and also you will have an ext fun.