So i was searching for a tutorial on just how to make an man door in However, I might not find anything top top google OR the developer court of what ns wanted. For this reason then, I decided I would try to figure it the end myself and also play about with things. Eventually, I figured out what i wanted and I was an extremely happy. I have decided to re-superstructure my creation with you men so that YOU can create this kind of door:

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So the very first step is to develop the door. You have the right to be as thorough or as level as friend want, I’m just going to use a singular block to obtain the suggest across. You deserve to name this part whatever, it won’t influence the script. Make sure that the component is Anchored and also CanColide is on. Congratulations you have a block (you’re so talented)


Next, you’ll want to duplicate this block. Keep it in the same position. This will be the neighborhood used in the manuscript to specify what position the block will certainly be in when the door is closed. Name this component “DoorClose.” adjust the transparency (on the duplicated block) to 1 and also turn CanCollide off. Congratulations you have two blocks that are virtually identical! carry out I really require to show a picture?

Finally, you’ll want to duplicate the duplicated block. Store all the nature the same, yet move it into the position you want the block to be facing when the door is open. Surname this block “DoorOpen.” the course, you deserve to add much more blocks roughly it favor I did come let it look an ext like a door. Those blocks can be referred to as whatever you want.


Now, you’ll desire to hover your mouse over Workspace, click the plus, and add a Model. Name the Model every little thing you want, I’m just gonna name it Door. Now, drag all the parts into that Model. You’re walk to include a few more parts right into this model and also then you done with a building, and you’ll move on to scripting.

Next, you’ll hover your computer mouse over the model, click the plus, and add a BoolValue. This is necessary for the script itself. Rename this worth to “Opened” and also make certain that “Value” under the properties is off. Next, hover your mouse over “DoorPart” and add a ClickDetector to the DoorPart. Every the nature in the ClickDetector have the right to remain the same. Currently you’ll include one more thing come the DoorPart, i m sorry is a script. Name the script every little thing you want. Congratulations (for the third time), you’re done with the building procedure and now have the right to move on come the script! It should look prefer this in your traveler tab (without the extra components that I mentioned earlier):



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While working on this small tutorial, I started to notice that my script was very bad, because it didn’t work 100% the the time, and it wasn’t the smooth. While looking through models, I uncovered a door script with the same ide that worked method than mine, made by a tiny developer called “abe_o0.” ns didn’t desire to plagiarize his occupational so credits come him for providing the far better foundations of the script, I had actually to tweak the so it can work with my door more.

Double click on the script, and copy and paste these lines that code into it:


local framework = script.Parentlocal clickDetector = frame:WaitForChild("ClickDetector")local design = frame.Parentlocal close = model:WaitForChild("DoorClose")local open up = model:WaitForChild("DoorOpen")local opened up = model:WaitForChild("Opened")local tweenService = game:GetService("TweenService") regional debounce = trueclickDetector.MouseClick:Connect(function() if debounce == true climate debounce = false if opened.Value == true then opened.Value = false tweenService:Create(frame,,CFrame = Close.CFrame):Play() rather opened.Value = true tweenService:Create(frame,,CFrame = Open.CFrame):Play() finish wait(0.65) debounce = true endend)You can also customize this script simply a small bit. Together of appropriate now, the door opens and closes in sixty-five hundredths of a second. It is the rate it was at in the video at the top. If you want it quicker or slower, just simply find all the spots wherein it claims “0.65” and readjust that to but many secs or milliseconds you want. I would certainly really indicate keeping the wait time the exact same as the Tweeninfos due to the fact that when ns tried make it longer than castle it broke the door. But if you want to experiment go appropriate ahead!

And congratulations (This is the critical time I’ll say congratulations i promise)! You have actually made a door v a smooth computer animation to open and close a door! have fun v it, and also have a good day!

EDIT: If you are confused (or just too lazy), you can use this version to include the finished version into your game:

Please look at the solution below if you desire to know how to usage this door design with the new attributes feature