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Bird feeders lure gorgeous feathered creatures, making her lawn and garden more scenic and also peaceful. However, lock may also attract raccoons that feast top top the seed and make a mess of your yard. Wildlife manage professionals introduce the following tips for keeping these critters in ~ bay.

4 means to save Bird Feeders Raccoon-Free 

1. Don’t cave Them from Trees

Raccoons spend quite a bit of time in trees, so avoid hanging bird feeders from limbs and branches. Instead, cave them from hooks on mounted poles, walls, or fences. Though it doesn’t have to hang together high together a branch, the feeder have to still be in ~ least 4 feet turn off the ground so raccoons can not reach.

2. Use a Baffle

For pole-mounted bird feeders, use a squirrel baffle come deter raccoons. These parts make it more challenging for raccoons to climb up the pole and jump onto the feeder. Store in mind that you need to still mount poles at least seven come eight feet from trees and also rooftops so raccoons can not leap come them. 

3. Take Them inside at Night

Raccoons space nocturnal and tend to rummage because that food in ~ night. After ~ sundown, lug your bird feeders inside. If this feels like a hassle, wildlife manage experts suggest spraying repellant top top the ground beneath the feeder and also on the container and pole. 

4. Save the Area Clean

Raccoons will have actually a clearer path to her bird feeders as soon as birdseed scatters throughout the area. Clean up fallen birdseed from your lawn once you notification it. Doing therefore will make raccoons less curious around investigating the feeders over them. 


When raccoons, squirrels, and other pets become a difficulty on her property, get in touch with American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford.

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Since 1971, these animal removal experts have listed safe and also humane wildlife control services to clients throughout Connecticut. Contact (860) 355-1231 to make an appointment for wildlife manage or home pet removal. Visit them digital to learn more about their approaches for keeping woodchucks, skunks, bats, and snakes off her property.