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Just mounted a brand-new harmonic balancer on mine 350 SBC crate motor. Lubed the good. Do a surroundings tool through some threaded rod, nuts, and thick washers. That slipped top top nice because that a bit, then appears to stop dead. Currently my concern is: just how do i tell when it"s on all the way? I"ve had some photos, although i don"t recognize if they"ll assist much. It seems to me that still obtained a small bit to go. I guess if I had a pulley set on hand, I could get one idea on just how close ns was. But I haven"t bought castle yet. I"m not as well keen ~ above banging it through a hammer, return I recognize it will certainly be suggested. If ns knew I definitely wasn"t there yet, I"d be ready to shot that.Judging through the photos, anyone have any kind of opinions?Thanks. By the way, I"ve confirmed it is the right balancer because that my engine.
It shows up to be on every the way. Check if bolt and washer room long enough to reach into threads around 1/2", If so the is on all the way.Tighten bolt and give that one reasonable wack v a hammer and also brass punch or 2X4 simply to make sure it is seated every the way. :thumbup:
I"m not there to check out it v my eyes , but from her pics , it looks favor it"s home. I recently put a balancer on a crate 350 and thought the exact same thing. The looked prefer it can still walk in one more 1/4 or 3/8 of an inch.It to be home. Every the pulleys lined up and also I haven"t had any problems with it .Best the luck come you! :thumbup:
Thanks, guys! That"s what I essential to hear. Girlfriend came through for me again! ns guess I"ll recognize for sure as soon as I get my pulleys next week.
HArmonic balancer ?
hey simply curious if you can give me a qucik measurment from the front of her balancer ago to the crank snoutI am trying to verify if my balancer is on all of the method alsothanks in advance
I simply went v this as well, that is choose 1.5 inches yet the only way to understand for certain is to acquire a 6 customs dial caliper (for the depth guage, a leader would probably work good too) and measure the distance from the front finish of your crank come the timing gear where it sits against. Therefore that distance is 2.5 than measure the depth of your balancer should be favor 4.000.Then assemble it and also it the depth from the end of the crank come the front of the pulley have to be the difference in this situation 1.5" unless your crank crucial slipped out or her timing gear vital is balance out there yes, really shouldn"t be a problem.

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Prostood, I simply took a pair of measurements. The measurement native the front of the balancer to the front of the snout is 1 & 1/16". I additionally measured from the front of the balancer to the flat component of the timing cover flange (between the bolts) and that measured specifically 2 & 3/4 inches.My new pulley set has arrived, and if this is any indicator, after installing them the lower one seems to line up perfectly through the water pump pulley.Hope this helps.
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