Turnip because that what? A lot of money, in face, so uncover out if girlfriend can grow them in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons.

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Turnips room a weekly craze in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons. Grown and also sold by Daisy Mae, they’re the fastest ways to do enormous amounts of money, and also so lengthy as you have actually a girlfriend or two, the hazard isn’t even that high. Similar to fruit prefer apples, pears, oranges, cherries and also peaches, turnips can additionally be consumed to give you extra strength. Normally this has actually led plenty of a canny villcivicpride-kusatsu.neter to wonder if they behave similar in other ways, namely whether girlfriend can grow turnips in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons. After ~ all, why wait for Daisy Mae to arrive every week if you deserve to just do your own turnip farm? Well, we’ve obtained the answer because that you here, however you could not choose it. Check out on to answer the question, can you grow turnips in pet Crossing: new Horizons.

Can you thrive turnips in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons?

Daisy Mae is at this time the only resource of Turnips in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons.© Nintendo

No. Girlfriend cannot prosper turnips in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons. We’re not precisely sure why the turnips in pet Crossing: new Horizons space sterile, however it must be the the large farming coporation, group of Daisy Mae and also Joan has made that so that they can corner the market.

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Whatever the reason, the crucial details is the you cannot tree or flourish turnips in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons. In ~ least, not best now. In ahead entries in the series, Joan the turnip seller would also sell red turnip seeds. These might be planted to prosper your very own turnips because that profit, but demanded friend water castle every solitary day. Miss out on a solitary day, and also the turnips would certainly wilt. We don’t know if red turnips will ever be added to animal Crossing: new Horizons, but there’s a chance Nintendo will certainly mix up the money-making system additional down the line.

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For now, since you can’t thrive turnips in pet Crossing: new Horizons, we recommend friend stick to utilizing turnip calculators and also trading virtual or with your friends to make those large bells. For much more AC:NH tips and also tricks, head over to our game hub by click here!