NameTypes(s)Location (Encounter Rate)
MagikarpWaterFishing (15%)
CorsolaWater/RockFishing (5%)
LuvdiscWaterFishing (70%)
WishiwashiWaterFishing (10%)
GyaradosWater/Flying(SOS only) possible ally Pokemon because that Magikarp
MareaniePoison/Water(SOS only) possible ally Pokemon for Corsola

After much struggle, you’re draw close the finish of her time in ~ Akala Island. Native the entrance to Diglett’s Tunnel, head south-west previous the police station. Well, you can look inside if girlfriend want, yet there’s nothing to see besides a grumpy officer top top a break.

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Past the station is one officer who’s out for a battle, however. Or if you’re fear of the law, you deserve to literally sneak behind him, indigenous the police terminal direction.

Police Officer Haruki¶

Take down this mutt v your prized Water, rock or ground Pokemon. It has Intimidate, i m sorry lowers your assault stat by one stage, therefore use special moves if possible.

Past the officer is a crossroads that sorts. Continue south-west to reach the ocean’s edge. Towards the south is a fisherman that you can interrupt because that a battle. To his east is a Net Ball , handy for any kind of fisherman. To the far west is one X Accuracy hidden amongst the rock.

Fisherman Mike¶

A fish Pokemon v a peculiar and rather interesting form combination. Grass Pokemon room the safest to use, return Dartrix users must be somewhat wary that Chinchou’s electric moves.

That’s technically all there is to watch on this route. Quite short, huh? Head ago up the slope and also continue north-west through the big gates to with the following town.

Konikoni City¶


An exquisite oriental-themed town. As shortly as you enter, there room a plethora of shops and stalls ahead. Let’s take it a gander, systematically, shall we?

Along the west side, starting from the bottom, we have actually the incense shop operation by a Lass. The most exciting purchase here is probably the Pure Incense, i beg your pardon drives far wild Pokemon if her lead Pokemon is holding it. Handy because that exploring. You’ll acquire the clean Tag soon though.

Next we have actually the massage shop operation by a Dancer. She will offer to massage her lead Pokemon, which boosts its friendship, beneficial for friendship-based evolutions. The business is free, however can just be offered once per day.

The 3rd stall is the Technical maker shop. Here, you deserve to buy part pretty nice TMs for 10,000 bag Dollars each. Over the TM shop, although technically not a stall, is a Veteran that will examine the friendship level of her Pokemon.

Past here is a restaurant operation by Mallow’s family. Inside, you can purchase a meal from the counter; each meal will collection you back 1,040 punctured Dollars. Pick any kind of meal and you’ll obtain 2 love Scales at the end.

The structure at the end is Olivia’s store. Don’t be shy and go inside. Together you enter, Olivia’s Probopass will give you a letter, informing you that your grand trial will be hosted at the damages of Life. You will likewise get a totally free Max Potion .

While you’re here, you have the right to speak to the lady at the front counter to buy common evolution stones. Meanwhile, the woman by the side will certainly let friend buy among two Pokemon Fossils because that 7,000 poke Dollars, the form depending on if you’re playing sunlight or Moon.

Note: Pokemon Sun
Skull: Cranidos (Rock)Cover: Tirtouga (Rock/Water)**Pokemon Moon**Plume: Archen (Rock/Flying)Armor: Shieldon (Rock/Steel)

You have the right to buy both fossils, however only among each. After obtaining a fossil, you have the right to take it come the guy at the Fossil repair Centre on course 8 to instantly revive it right into a Pokemon. How really Jurassic Park. If used well, Tirtouga and Archen are solid choices.

Although it can not it is in obvious, you have the right to actually head upstairs from the Probopass. Nope, it’s not blocking the way. Upstairs, you’ll uncover Olivia’s room. Hmm, it sure is something… Head because that the far finish to uncover a Zygarde main point (3) , i m sorry teaches Dragon run to Zygarde.

Back outside, let’s inspect out the various other side of the street–the eastern side. Going indigenous the bottom, there’s the Barber’s, the Apparel Shop, a Hiker marketing herb items and finally the wonderful Pokemon centre at the end. Absolutely give the Pokemon centre a visit.

Inside, the Preschooler close to the café area desires to profession her Poliwhirl for her Zubat. Um, this is a pretty lop-sided profession if there ever was one. Through the punctured Mart, there’s one Aether structure Employee who desires to see a Passimian or Oranguru from the Lush Jungle.

That’s the former of town; there’s still a bit more to see. Native the Pokemon Centre, head north-west towards the structure in the far corner. This is Lana’s house. Actually, there’s nothing to do right here right now, but you can inspect inside if you’re curious.


Next, head north-east from Lana’s house. Previous the oriental-style door is one area through a spectacular watch of the ocean, the Lighthouse Point. Lug on to the far finish where the group of Pikachus are. Conversation to the lady surrounding to obtain Pikachu’s Z-Crystal, Pikanium Z .

If Pikachu (not Pichu or Raichu) is stop this, it will trigger a distinct Z-Move if you usage Volt Tackle. Not all Pikachus have actually Volt tackle though, yet if you speak to the lady again, she will market to teach Volt tackle to your Pikachu (again, not Pichu or Raichu). Pika please!

While you attempt to wrap your head around this tumultuous favouritism for Pokemon’s legendary mascot, go behind the benches top top the right to uncover an Eviolite in the corner. Offer this come a Pokemon yet to evolve to bolster that is defences. But it must have the ability to evolve.

If it’s night, there will certainly be a Zygarde cell (29) between the Pikachus and the funny sign. …And you’re every done here! To with the damages of Life, exit earlier to course 5, climate head south-east in the direction of the next area.

Note: Pokemon Checklist

Another opportunity to record Wishiwashi and also Corsola, if you don’t have one already. The fishing clues doesn’t bubble here, however the encounter price for Corsola is reasonably reasonable, a fixed 1 in 20.

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In case you missed the memo, friend can likewise find Mareanie, but only throughout S.O.S. Battles with Corsola. Must you be lucky enough to conference a Corsola, save one approximately until it accidentally summons a hungry Mareanie. Oops.