What room the actions to obtaining mewtwo in leafgreen/firered? Iv currently got the national pokedex however don"t i have to gain some jewel because that celio? exactly how do i perform this?

1)Beat the elite Four. Girlfriend cannot gain Mewtwo until you loss the elite Four and become champion.2)Obtain the nationwide Pokedex from Professor Oak. Girlfriend will need to have caught sixty Pokemon before he will give it to you.3)Fix the Network maker by detect the Ruby and also Sapphire (see below).

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Get the Ruby.

1)Go to Island 1. You will require a Pokemon that knows Surf to execute this.2)Go come the entrance of Mt. Ember. ~ above the lower right side of the area, you will see some Team Rocket members. You will certainly hear the an initial password come the Rocket Warehouse. Fight them, and enter the cave.3)Proceed all the means down to the bottom level. You execute not need to read any type of of the braille charts. Friend will require a Pokemon with strength to obtain through the cave.4)Pick up the Ruby and also exit. You deserve to either usage an escape rope, use "Dig" or exit the method you came in.

Get the Sapphire.

1)Go to Island 6 and also find the Dotted Hole, which deserve to be checked out on the city Map. At the entrance, read the braille sign. It will certainly say "Cut," so you make sure you lug a Pokemon who knows Cut.If you have actually not yet conserved Lorelei indigenous Island 4, a scientist will be blocking the way.2)Inside the cave, look at the braille signs. They will certainly tell girlfriend which feet to loss down. If it has 2 symbols, it way go up. If it has 5, climate it"s right. If it has 4, then it is either left or down. If you mess up, you will have to start over again.3)On the bottom level, girlfriend will watch the Sapphire. Don"t gain too excited; a at sight nerd will take the first. He will certainly then provide you the 2nd password because that the Rocket Warehouse.4)Go to the Rocket Warehouse, discovered on Island 5. Friend will must defeat every the Team Rocket members to acquire to the boss.5)In the last room, you will find the at sight nerd that stole the Sapphire. Fight him. When you to win him, friend will gain the Sapphire.6)Travel come Island 1. Give the gems to Celio, the man who operates the maker on the island. That will connect the areas of Kanto and also Hoenn through signal and also open increase the means to Mewtwo.

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Finding Mewtwo

1)Go to Cerulean City. In ~ the optimal left edge of the town, friend will check out a cave that is now open. Take trip north to route 24 and use a Pokemon to Surf to the entrance.2)Inside the cave, you will have to navigate the maze to the bottom floor. Make sure your Pokemon team is at a high level; there are a lot of of strong Pokemon right here (levels 46-70).3)At the end, friend will see Mewtwo. Conserve your game prior to battling him, as this is your only chance to capture him and also he is an extremely powerful. Check out the Tips section for some techniques of catching Mewtwo.