Azalea Town

Once you go into Azalea Town, you"ll view a confrontation in between a TeamRocket member and an old man. You"ll uncover a hidden Full Heal in the logspiled external the small house through the straw roof. Go inside the home just westof the Pokemon Center. You have the right to pick increase a Wht Apricorn ideal outside.Inside, you"ll speak to Kurt, who"ll leave to fight Team Rocket. Monitor him intothe well right exterior of Azalea Town.

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Slowpoke Well

You"ll have actually to battle three Team Rocket Grunts. Follow me the way, you"ll be ableto pick up a Super Potion, an additional hidden Super Potion top top therock in the dead end. You"ll confront off with one of the Team Rocket leaders, Proton,in the end. After defeating him, the Team Rocket members will certainly disappear, andKurt will certainly come over to take you back to his place. He"ll provide you a Fast Ballas a treat. Girlfriend can provide Kurt all her Apricorns, which he"ll turn into differentballs. That takes a work to make a ball, and you can only give him one round per day.Now that this is taken treatment of, let"s go to the gym!

Azalea Gym

Azalea Gym is fill with pest Pokemon. To reach the gym leader, you need to solvelittle puzzles on the gym floor. To battle the an initial trainer, optionally take themiddle Spinarak. Otherwise, come proceed, take it the left Spinarak. Hit the trainerand take it the only Spinarak available, which will certainly take you to the twins. Traction theblue lever, get earlier onto the Spinarak, and pull the red bar on the other side.Hop ago onto the Spinarak, and also you"ll be required to the gym leader.

Bugsy is the Gym Leader, and also he provides a lv. 15 Metapod, a lv. 15 Kakuna, anda lv. 17 Scyther. After beating Bugsy, he"ll compensation you the Hive Badge.Now, Pokemon up to lv. 30 will obey you and also you"ll be able to use cut outsideof battle. Also, he"ll provide you TM 89 - U-turn.

We meet Again

As you walk west toward , rival will discover you and also battle you.He"s gained quite a bit stronger through a lv. 13 Gastly, a lv. 16 Zubat,and a lv. 18 Croconaw (the second-stage developed version of his starter).After beating him, head west come Ilex Forest.

Ilex Forest

Ilex woodland is a dark woodland filled with bug Pokemon. Close to the entrance, you"llbump right into a man who asks you to help him record his Farfetch"d. It transforms out thereare 2 of them the you"ll should catch. The an initial one is just east of him,pictured in the screenshot. Once you step on the branches on the ground, theFarfetch"d will rotate in her direction. To capture it, you"ll need to approachit indigenous behind and also press "A". Therefore then, the goal is to trick Farfetch"d into facingthe direction you desire by stepping end the ideal patches of branches. Aftercatching the first one, you"ll lug it ago to the guy and also he"ll ask you to catchthe various other one.

Continue east, where you"ll uncover a Revive ~ above the ground. The secondFarfetch"d is right approximately the corner. To catch this one, fear it far first; it"llmove to the right. Action on the right-most heap of branches therefore Farfetch"d will faceright. Then, sneak up behind it and also catch it!

The male thanks friend again. His boss will certainly come over to price you with HM 01 - Cut.Teach the to one of your Pokemon and also you"ll have the ability to cut through the tree rightbehind that guy. Reduced the tree and also head north.

Pick up the X Attack simply south of the pond. If you head southeast, you"llfind a fat dude who"ll teach Headbutt to one of your Pokemon. You deserve to use Headbutton headbuttable trees to find wild Pokemon.North of that, you"ll find a lost Kimono Girl. Your Pokemon will display her the way out that Ilex Forest.Pick up the Ether after she leaves and head every the method west to get out that the forest.

Pick up TM 12 - Taunt from the lady behind the counter in the gatehouse.

Route 34

There"s not much going ~ above on route 34 as well as battling a few trainersand possibly recording a couple of Pokemon. On the route, you"ll bump right into Lyraat the Daycare Center. It turns out the old couple who own the Daycare Centerare Lyra"s grandparents. She"ll present you to Day-Care Lady, her grandma, exchangenumbers with you, and also then head off. You deserve to leave her Pokemon below to breedand/or level up. Go outside and Day-Care man will exchange numbers v you.

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After that, fight the final trainer and also pick increase TM 63 - Embargo. Continue north and also you"ll come at Goldenrod City.