“These legendary Puffles come indigenous the Cloud Forest above Club Penguin Online. They are recognized to be the many majestic Puffles. They deserve to fly and also fart sparkles.” states Club Penguin online Wiki. Getting a rainbow puffle is easy yet will take it up at least 85 minuets, twenty minuets between each task, yet you deserve to log off and continue later.

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STEP ONE Walk any puffle. I’m walking my golden puffle, Goldi. (How to gain a gold puffle)

STEP TWO Go to the plaza and also go into the pet shop.Once you room in the pet shop you get in this door.

Walk right into the puffle hotel.

STEP THREE Once you are in the lobby the the hotel, click this board.

It will display you four tasks,

complete them.

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STEP FOUR as soon as you finished walk to the roof top and also get in this cannon.

STEP FIVE Now that you space on this cloud step on the tree stump and a puffle should method you and also then you deserve to name it everything you like!

I hope this helped! it is in safe and waddle on! (And reap your puffle!)


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