Once you’ve humbled Cheren in ~ the base of Twist mountain (after gaining the 6th gym badge), you’ll get HM03 - Surf . In ~ this point, the world’s your oyster… so come speak. Currently you have the right to cross unobstructed body of water, greatly broadening the locations you have the right to explore.

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So perform you remember any type of suspicious locations of water throughout your adventure? Well, the doesn’t yes, really matter because we’ll guide you in the direction of the most important ones!

Striaton City¶

Remember the pretty park top top the west next of town? Surf in the direction of the north-west edge to find a man who will provide you a Big Pearl because that curing his loneliness.

While you’re here, Surf to the north-east corner of the park and use your Dowsing an equipment to uncover a hidden Zinc .

Route 3¶

There’s a big body that water near the south component of this route. Follow me the north next of this water, there’s a Full Heal waiting to be snagged.

On the left is part land you can walk on, with several grass, a Max Ether , surprise Rare Candy (just previous the stairs), Pokemon Breeder and also a HP Up .

Since you’re here, you might recall part water avoiding you from experimenting Wellspring Cave , come the north-west that this route. If you’re in an trying out mood, head to the “Wellspring cavern (Part 2)” page additional ahead in this section.

Pinwheel Forest¶

Head because that the inner component of the forest, past the Nurse. Follow the road until you pass the double bridges going across the river. A couple of paces up, there’s a gap in the fence. Head on v the gap and down the small stairs into the grass, then operation all the way right.

There space two routes here. Walk up will lead you towards the legendary Pokemon Virizion . However, friend must have encountered Cobalion in Mistralton cavern (covered later in this section) or the means will it is in blocked.

Legendary Pokemon: Virizion¶


If you recorded Cobalion, capturing Virizion is a comparable affair. The only difference is that Virizion to know Giga Drain, i m sorry restores that is HP, while doing damage. A Pokemon that takes reduced damages from Grass moves would certainly be good here to border Giga’s drainpipe effectiveness.

Going down, meanwhile, will certainly lead you in the direction of a pair of items; that note, TM22 Solarbeam among a patch of grass in the direction of the right. Girlfriend can likewise find a place to the left whereby you have the right to Surf top top the river and also follow that left for a Silverpowder .

Dritfveil City¶

This visit will be quick, but an essential for details Water-type Pokemon. Fly to Driftveil City and head directly right indigenous the Pokemon Centre, climate plunge straight into the water. On the various other side is a comfortable Water Stone and also a nice lighthouse.

Route 6¶

Leave Driftveil to the north-west, earlier into path 6. Run in the direction of the very first wooden bridge, then Surf north to uncover TM84 poison Jab . Dip back into the water again and also continue north to the 2nd wooden bridge. Then walk about to the right, till you reach the 3rd wooden bridge above.

Again, Surf north, however this time land on the right, where a Silk Scarf lies. Backtrack to the bridge and follow the path left choose normal, previous the Season research Lab, till you reach the resthouse top top the right. Native here, walk best through the narrow, grassy path.


At the really end that the path, once you’ve gone previous the rocks in the water, Surf right into the water below and also make your means right. Eventually you’ll with land again and a cave inviting friend to go into to the right: Mistralton Cave , which we’ll cover afterwards in this section.

Lostlorn Forest¶

Best visited once you have HM Waterfall from path 18 (tackled in the next pair of pages). As quickly as you get in the forest, there’s a bridge spanning some water. Surf right into the water on the right, then use Waterfall come propel yourself up the waterfall.

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At the really top, seize the Rare Candy amongst the grass, then Surf over the stream above and usage your Dowsing device to find a hidden Protein .