Chrysler introduced The PT Cruiser, i beg your pardon was offered from 2001 come 2010. PT mostly stands for an individual Transportation. It is a retro styled Compact car launched as five-door hatchback car in 2001.

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A 2 door convertible was additionally launched in 2004 and later a four-door convertible was also added in 2006. The assembly the the automobile takes place in Toluca, Mexico. The manufacturing takes place in Graz, Austria.

A transmission is current in many cars to provide to exactly torque and power needed spin the driveshaft. It permits the force from the engine to be delivered correctly to the tires.

A transmission goes v plenty of anxiety when compared to most of the components or components of the car. The stress deserve to be because of the generation of heat or friction since of the motion of various parts the the transmission.

The automatic transmission provides a equipment system to transfer power come the journey shaft and drive the vehicle forward or right into reverse. The PT supplied three varieties of transmissions: the Ultradrive 40TE, theUltradrive 41TE, and the Getrag.

Finding the end the PT Cruiser transmission troubles can be challenging task. Now, if we discuss the PT cruiser infection problems, we discover they space both mechanical and electrical.

You may feel vibrations and also sounds the aren"t normal. The replacement of transmission components is expensive. There room a most things that can go wrong with the infection of your car.

Some of the most common PT Cruiser Transmission problems are:

1. Short Transmission fluid (Most Common)


After changing the transmission fluid, your computer may need to understand it deserve to dismiss any error code or warnings. Choose all modern-day vehicles, Chrysler cars have actually an electronic regulate module (ECM).

Sometimes the computer might receive data native sensors that indicate troubles with the transmission.


Automatic transmissions use hydraulic liquid which is under press so it can help readjust the gears. As soon as a gear readjust takes place, the auto computer activates a infection solenoid.

It directs transmission liquid into the valve body, which subsequently engage the exactly gear. As soon as the automobile moves down the road, the computer analyzes data sent by engine rate sensors and also vehicle speed sensors.

There room various methods in, which car’s computer system controls the infection solenoid:

The Engine control Unit can regulate the solenoid’s plunger by turning the floor circuit off and also on.

Depending ~ above the complicated design a solenoid can manage either a single or multiple gears. There are specific Symptoms that a faulty infection Solenoid:

The Transmission will not downshift: If downshift does no take location one that the solenoids might have come to be stuck open/closed. It prevents fluid indigenous entering the infection valve body and pressurizes the exactly gear.Erratic Shifting – a failed transmission solenoid can cause skipping in the transmission from a lower equipment to a higher gear or from higher to lower, repeatedly.Severe hold-up in Shifting/Stuck in Neutral: for regulated automatic transmission to change gears, the solenoid should regulate the liquid pressure come activate the ideal gear. If the solenoid obtain dirty transmission liquid or uneven electric current, it have the right to remain stuck open or closed. Equipment engagement becomes difficult, which causes the infection to be temporarily locked in neutral.

The ECU climate registers an error code and triggers the engine light. The transmission will enter limp mode.

The ar of Solenoids is on the outside of the transmission (see download video). Replacing it may take 2-4 hrs to complete. Mechanics might charge $80 – $100 per hour. The cost of the transmission control solenoid is around $100 top top Amazon. Make sure to acquire the correct form for your transmission type.

Depending ~ above the version of her vehicle and how you settle it, you can spend $100 - $600 to change the solenoid unit if needed. (Before doing any kind of replacing always check the electric connections, as this can solve the problem.)

Other problems that might solve the PT Cruiser transmission may have actually are:

Ground Strap might be missing or Broken: If this is the case, your automobile needs a new transmission or computer.Upgrading Computer-Firmware: computer firmware update may aid with some issues.Loose electric Connection: over there is a possibility that the electrical link may it is in loose.Additives: You have to avoid additives. However remember to use ATF+4 transmission fluid only to avoid transmission damage.

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The major advantages of keeping your transmission fluid are:

It has far better anti-corrosion and anti-wear.It maintains exactly frictional properties.It controls oxidation and additionally eliminates store of contamination.It is Anti-foaming.It can assist your auto operate in ~ low-temperatures.

Conclusion: If you want to know more regarding other car’s transm​​ission problems, you might enjoy the following articles:

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