Shiny hunting for Metagross in Emerald specifically is possibly among the hardest hunts in the whole Pokémon franchise. This is since Emerald has what’s dubbed a resolved seed, i m sorry this video explains nice well. In a nutshell, the a glitch with the RNG that makes SRing for shinies impossible on practically every save file in Emerald. If you have actually Ruby or Sapphire (with a working battery; a dry battery additionally results in a addressed seed), I highly recommend searching for it over there instead. However, if she dead-set on obtaining a shiny Beldum in Emerald, there are a few methods you could use.

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The most straightforward hunting an approach is to get the Beldum native Steven’s house and also then breed because that a shiny. Back Beldum has a sluggish hatch rate, and also there’s no Masuda Method, therefore you’re walk to be up versus the complete 1/8192 odds while just hatching 1 Beldum every 2 or 3 minutes. If you decide to carry out this, climate as long as you’re no resetting after every egg, friend shouldn’t need to worry about Emerald’s glitched RNG at all.

The an approach that I would certainly personally use is the Battle video method, which is usually SRing through extra steps. This video explains the method.

The quickest method, however, is to usage RNG abuse, although that’s pretty complicated, needs that you know your SID (secret ID), and also needs very specific timing. Basically, by plugging her trainer ID and also SID into a program favor RNG Reporter, you can discover a specific frame that would certainly yield a shiny and aim to receive the Pokémon on the frame. If you desire to try this, then this answer provides a pretty substantial guide to exactly how to uncover your SID (since that is a covert value) and get started, but you can also use Smogon’s guide or Google other short articles to assist you out, if you’re having actually trouble figuring that out.However, some people would argue that RNG abuse is illegitimate, so store that in mental if you’re against hacking and also the like.

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I would certainly argue the shiny searching the Guardian indicators Manaphy is harder.
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True. Metagross is quiet really tough though because it’s one of the few one-time-only Pokémon in Emerald the you can’t simply use the operation away an approach to hunt.

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In Generation 3, the chance of a Pokemon gift shiny is constantly 1/8192, and there are no guaranteed shiny Pokemon like GSC Gyrados. SourceHowever, Emerald"s RNG is an extremely easy to abuse.