Gems are Dragonvale"s premium currency. There are some great looking dragon I can get, but I don"t have sufficient Gems.

Is there an in-game way to knife Gems? Or perform I just need to buy them because that real people money/get them together gifts?


The only ways to acquire gems space to:

Purchase themGet them indigenous the tutorialBe given them by friendsShare completed purposes on Facebook/TwitterWin Colosseum matchesWin them at the racetrackAcquire them indigenous Gemstone dragons

If you just started: At numerous points, the tutorial will give you gems and also tell girlfriend to use them. Ignore the prompts, and also you"ll gain to save the gems.

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There is no border on how many gems you can receive from friends, yet every player have the right to only gift 3 gems every day (6 if they have the Dragonsai Gifting Tree). So normally you can acquire a preferably of 3/6 jewel from friends everyday - unless you can uncover someone willing to provide you gems for nothing in return.

When you complete in-game objectives dubbed "goals", most message pop-ups will have Facebook/Twitter sharing buttons. Usage both to get 2 extra gems. Some objectives themselves also have a little gem price attached to them.

The Colosseum will win friend 0/2/5 gems every day. Girlfriend can enter one dragon a day, and also at most you"ll acquire 5 gems every day earlier as a reward.

Winning the race provides you a spin of the compensation wheel - rarely, you might win some gems. Start the race is reasonably inexpensive and also frequently rewards gold, for this reason entering hundreds of times per day is not out that the question, assuming girlfriend have enough time come devote.

Every month a rarely dragon is obtainable for reproduction which matches the birthstone of the month. These dragons can only live top top gemstone island. When upgraded to level 10, this dragons create gems in ~ a price of 1/week. By default you have the right to have at many 12 dragon on your gemstone island, 3 every island. As Shadur note in the comments, you can also upgrade each section of the gemstone island because that 25, then 50 gems, each upgrading permitting each "quarter" of the island to host one more dragon. Friend can acquire 12 gems a week with a totally stocked, non-upgraded gemstone island, or up to 20 gems a week through a completely upgraded gemstone island. (Note it takes a whooping 300 gems to upgrade all island slots).

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Note gems are mainly for extras; accelerating actions, upgrading specific buildings (the nursery) or purchase special buildings (the extra reproduction cave).