need to find someone to trade pokemon with in Pokemon Fire Red or leaf Green, however don"t have any friends around? We"ve obtained you covered.

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The Pokemon franchise is no stranger come making great remakes. FireRed and also LeafGreen space two instances of just how to perfectly remake a game by adding in a little of extra contents for players. For the many part, this two games mimic the Blue and Red versions nearly perfectly; the trades, battles, and gym lineups are the precise same.

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One glaring distinction is the addition of brand-new Pokemon and the capability to visit the Sevii archipelago after beating the upstream Four. While part players might remember every one of the trades native there, Blue/Red playthrough others may find it a bit harder. Below is every available Pokemon trade in FireRed and LeafGreen. Players should note the in these game"s trades will certainly be the exact same level as your original Pokemon.

Updated ~ above February 8th, 2021 through Jessica Thomas: The civilization of Pokemon is a captivating location that uses the unique ability to befriend and battle intriguing creatures. For trainers, it have the right to be a bit hard to capture all your favorite Pokemon, so trades were developed to aid fans get those hard-to-get creatures. Firered and also Leafgreen are based on the games that began it all and also contain the very same trades together the first games. These trades space the only way to obtain some rarer Pokemon prefer Mr.Mime, making them vital to gamers who have their eye on perfect filling the end the game"s Pokedex. Below every profession is detailed out in addition to the trades place in the game.


Pokemon anime mr Mime
The very first trade players will have the ability to do is because that an Abra, which can be found easily in the wild and also a Mr.Mime. Also with every the enhancements to FireRed and also LeafGreen, this is quiet the only way to acquire a Mr.Mime besides trading with one more trainer or using the daycare ~ they complete the video game for breeding. The trainer can be uncovered in the residence beside Diglett"s cave on route 2.

The Mr.Mime, he will certainly trade gamers will have a timid nature and also won"t it is in holding an item. If they have trouble capturing an Abra in the wild, then they can achieve one in ~ the video game Corner.

Anime Pokemon Nidoran masculine Cry
This is actually a profession that was very unbalanced in the original Blue and also Red games. In this update version, football player will trade either a Nidoran because that the rarer among the the contrary gender. In FireRed, they will certainly be asked because that a masculine Nidoran if in LeafGreen, lock will require a female Nidoran. Come go through with this trade, gamers will must visit the north departure of the underground Tunnel on path 11.

Both choices will come stop a small mushroom, and the male will be called Mr.Nido and also the mrs Ms. Nido.

comparable to the above trade, players will be offered a possibility to trade for Nidoran"s 2nd evolutionary form. If they space in FireRed, climate the trade will be a Nidoran because that a Nidorina, and in LeafGreen, they will be asked for a Nidorina because that a Nidoran. The Nidorina will have a lonely nature while the Nidoran will have a bold, no will concerned players holding any type of items.

To do this trade, players will want to head come the optimal of the structure connecting course 11 to the city and also head come the upper room.

6 Slowbro/Golduck for Lickitung

Lickitung spring up through its tongue out
This is another trade that has actually been slightly transformed from the initial games. Relying on the version gamers are playing, they will have to evolve a different water-type Pokemon. This is the only method to acquire Lickitung in the game, making it a need to for the completionist. If they are play LeafGreen, then they will should trade a Slowbro for FireRed; gamers will have to trade a Golduck.

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for this trade, they will need to visit the upper floor of the connecting door on path 18. This have the right to be a an excellent choice for breeding if players like to trade with various other players.

The next trade involves the ice-type Pokemon Jynx who have the right to be a an excellent ally once taking on grass and dragon-type Pokemon. This is just one of the only methods to obtain this Pokémon in generation three, making that a important trade. For this trade, players will simply need to catch a Poliwhirl through a fishing rod and also then head right into Cerulean City. Favor in the initial games, head right into the house next come the Pokemon to start the trade.

The Jynx called Zynx, will have actually a mild nature and also come through the article fab mail.

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4 Spearow because that Farfetch"d

for this trade, make sure to take an extra Spearow to store in your computer system or level up in ~ the start of the game. When players gain to Vermillion city, go to the trainer who offers them a Farfetch"d and also trade, the level that the Pokemon will count on the level the the Spearow that they traded. The Farfetch"d will certainly come through a stick, an object that will raise the critical hit possibility of Farfetch"d.

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The Pokemon called Ch"Ding will have an adamant nature, and also unlike in the original games, deserve to be acquired without trading.