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Pricing: can not be bought native a store. Can not be alchemised.

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Weapon StatsDamageAccuracy
Combat BonusesStrengthMagicRanged
AttributesArmourLife BonusPrayer Bonus
StylesClassAttack StyleAttack Speed

Wearing ice cream gloves is required in a number of quests to handle warm items the you might otherwise no pick increase or keep a organize of.After perfect of the linked quests, if you have unlocked the whole Hub track, this item have the right to be retrieved indigenous the quest Item storage chest in ~ the Quest point Caravan if lost or destroyed. Otherwise, a brand-new one can be acquired by defeating the ice Queen again.This article is likewise necessary come fight Fareed and also the Culinaromancer in ~ the preeminence Tower. Past this, there is no have to keep this item after the quest(s) have actually been completed. As such, it deserve to be destroyed or preserved as girlfriend desire.

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