Oh, my. I thought I to be the only one dealing with this issue. Anyway, I simply use a rag dampened through water. Sometimes I"ll usage a squirt that cleaner however that"s rougher on her paint. The fresher the snot is, the much easier it is to remove. BTW, have you ever before had a booger stuck on your bare leg?

Dawn Nadeau Reyna top top Oct 29, 2019

Steel wool then repaint. I stand steady in my belief that cat not has actually the same molecular framework as super glue

Geneva Willeby on Nov 02, 2019

Try heavy steam from a iron hold it a couple of inches from wall surface this should assist soften the snot so the wipes off.

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Majesticartax ~ above Nov 03, 2019

I nothing know how well my an approach will stand the test of time regarding wall surface paint, yet I’ve been having actually amazing results with 3% hydrogen peroxide with also the driest, thickest, crustiest that boogs. Ns spray it on, wait for it come fizz, and also then wipe it away. The peroxide degrades the organic material and works really well together a technique for detecting those invisible snots near famous sneezing spots because it bubbles and also turns white on call with bio matter. Periodically I have to spray a solitary chunk number of times, however there has actually been no damage to my walls, vinyl floors, wood furniture, etc. And also i’ve been utilizing peroxide for about 3 months now. I have tried SO plenty of other methods and this. Works. GREAT.

Morgan Morgan ~ above Mar 05, 2020

THANK you for asking this.

I have actually TWO wonderful cat with significant bronchial troubles. My vet is working with me ~ above this awful problem. Mucus and also blood are superglue.

I will try all suggestions: warm water, hydrogen peroxide, Dawn, baking soda and also vinegar . . .

Kathy Carrico on jan 29, 2021

I wish I had searched this about this 2 weeks ago, I just spend $2200 because that the Vet to carry out a Rhinoscopy on mine Skittles. Ever due to the fact that she to be a kitten, she is no 5, one eye and one nose has constantly run. About 5 month snot simply pours out of her sleep all the time and also when she sneezes, which is around 30 times a day, that goes over everything. I have tried number of cleaning assets with no result, so ns will shot some of these suggestions. Say thanks to you

I have actually had an excellent success making use of a cotton pad saturated in H2O2 and stuck to the wall surface for half an hour v blue tape. The weak peroxide breaks under the mucus/blood as little else will and also leaves my paint completely undamaged.

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I expect you have comparable success. This stuff is everywhere and I think that it together cat superglue.

The document backing stuck to mine bathroom walls won’t come turn off easily. Any type of ideas would be significantly appreciated

I gotten rid of 2 layers of old wallpaper, but streaks the sizing continue to be on the drywall making it lumpy and it will certainly look horrible if I paint it like this.

We have a converted garage with a room beside it that has actually a knotty pine tree wall. A cigarette smoker lives in the garage area and also the smell of nicotine is occasionally very... See more