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Simple profession your very first starter end to one more game then begin a brand-new game select a diffrent starter then trade over then start a brand-new game choose the starter you have actually not choose then profession over the other two ago to the game

That"s not working for me :/ pokebank isn"t registering the download versions of red blue yellow. Any kind of other ideas?
I heard that if you readjust your name to vvrryy (leave an initial spot blank and also the name may be dorn ) and also do the glitch come find lacking no girlfriend can obtain the starters
you have to time the saving glitch right. Start a new game, choose a starter, save the game. Restart the system and choose brand-new game. Go v the intro again and once you deserve to save, save the game and also shut it down after a couple of seconds (it takes trial and error - too rapid = corrupt conserve file. Too late = erased ahead starter that was saved). If girlfriend did the right, youll begin the game with your initial starter and also youll have the ability to select a 2nd one. If you obtain the time down, repeat it a 3rd time and you will have all 3. Did the multiple times on mine 3DS red version. Best of luck.

Get your first starter profession it come a girlfriend for a pidgey or something simple to catch. Then begin a new game gain the various other starter climate repeat step one. Get last starter repeat action one. Obtain three easy to capture Pokemon e.g pidgey x3 and also trade the 3 starters her friend has actually for the three pidgeys you have and there you walk all three starters

Just shut up about trading! 9 times out of 10 the world searching this are looking for a bypass from trading

So it"s complicated, save prior to oak traction you right into his lab then you acquire you"re first Pokemon and also after girlfriend beat you"re rival go and get the pokedex and after you get the pokedex go and also catch 2 pokemon. Then placed you"re starter and also another Pokemon in the PC, then go to the option readjust boxes and select 2 when it displays all of saving.. Rotate off the power execute the steps but get a new starter and also you don"t have to capture another, go to virdan city and also voila the various other starter is in there, then placed your other starter in and also save, and repeat the steps, it likewise works in gold and silver.

If making use of a 3DS, The Pokè Transporter can be offered to transfer in between older Pokemon games(I.e. Red, Blue). If you have two games, simply make a document on the 2nd game, acquire a starter friend don"t have, carry it, repeat for the following starter.

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