In MapleStory, players have actually the option of to buy Pets (monsters that follow behind you and respond to commands) from the Cash Shop.

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There are plenty of different varieties of pets. Pets have actually levels, i beg your pardon are raised by "Closeness" instead of "Experience." Closeness is obtained by feeding the pets and also talking come them.


Most pet are just "alive" for 90 days, although sometimes permanent pet are obtainable in the Cash Shop.At the end of this time, pets turns ago into a doll. They deserve to be restored by to buy a Water the Life indigenous the Cash Shop and also completing a quest.

**NOTE: Some pets received through a search or an event cannot be revived.

Pets discover different regulates at different levels. The greatest level a pet have the right to reach is level 30.When a pet is neglected, that hunger progressively goes down, till it reaches 0, in ~ which point it loser closeness and returns to the list on the own.

Pet Skills

In an international Maple Story, the an abilities are purchased native the Cash Shop and are permanently mounted on the pet.


Pet Equipment

Pets can wear tools purchased indigenous the Cash Shop. Pet equipment can it is in scrolled because that Attack, rate or Jump.


Pet Food

As Pets invest time following their owner, their Fullnessslowly go down. As soon as it reaches 50, the pets will begin to display signs the weakness. The gains 1 allude of closeness as soon as fed. However, end feeding will reason the closeness to decrease.

Pet food can be purchased because that 30 mesos native Doofus (Pet Food Merchant), which have the right to be found in Mu Lung, Ludibrium, Orbis, Leafre, and also Henesys.


Closeness can be transferred between pets, by purchasing a distinct reset scroll from Cloy, the pet master in Henesys park. A pet owner deserve to take the closeness native an old pets that has actually returned to its doll form and provide it to a newly purchased pet. If the brand-new pet already has some closeness, climate it will get only as lot as is required to catch up to the old pet"s level.

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In MapleStory, that is possible to have up to three pets follow you. In order to acquire this ability, one must purchase a Pet Snack from the Cash Shop. Take this treat come Trainer Bartos, discovered at Henesys pets Park, and also he will ask friend to discover a covert note. Finish the run Quest here and twin click on the basket the kittens in ~ the height to obtain the note, then return to Bartos. Once this is completed, the player will get the skill,Follow the Lead, which permits him or she to have an ext than one pet the end at a time.