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If your toilet file holder is loose, tighten the collection screw or mounting plate. In part cases, girlfriend may have to re-glue one armature to the ago plate.

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Toilet file holders have one or two armatures linked directly to the wall surface or come a back plate that is screwed come the wall. When one that the armatures loosens, the stress and anxiety rod hold the paper roll can fall, or the armature itself can come turn off the wall. Tightening it is uncomplicated and probably the most common bathroom task you"ll ever before have come perform.

Look for the set Screw

If her toilet record holder consists of one or two armatures linked directly come the wall, tightening the collection screw hold the loosened armature to the mounting bracket must stabilize the holder. The collection screw is commonly on the underside that the armature. Girlfriend usually require a 1/8-inch hex wrench to tighten it, although some have actually single-slot screws that need a flat-head screwdriver.


To protect against the set screws native coming loosened again, eliminate each one, put a drop of thread-locking dough on it, and also replace it. When you screw it tight, that will continue to be that way.

Tighten the Mounting Bracket

Tightening the collection screw won"t aid if the mounting bracket itself is loose. If so, loosen the set screw enough to permit you to remove the armature and also inspect the bracket. Among the screws hold it to the wall surface may it is in loose; if it is, tighten it v a screwdriver. Friend may uncover that one of the conical plastic screw anchors has operated its method out that the drywall, though. If so, remove the anchor and replace it through a threaded plastic anchor. If the feet is too huge for that type of anchor to hold, move the document holder an customs or 2 come the appropriate or left; patch the holes through drywall joint compound and also touch up v the wall surface paint.

Tighten Armatures an installed to a earlier Plate

If you have actually wooden paper holder with armatures prolonging from a ago plate, and also one or both that the armatures are loose, you must unscrew the record holder indigenous the wall to tighten them.

Turn the document holder over and also remove the screws holding the armatures come the plate.

Put a couple of drops of glue on the end of the armatures and also replace them, control the screws together tight as possible.

Reset the record holder on the wall. Avoid using that for 4 to eight hrs to offer the glue time come set.

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